Pinelands Soil Unit:

This unit deals with the dominant ingredient of Pinelands soil, sand. Lessons look at the composition of soil, its physical characteristics, and how soil texture effects water quality.

Pinelands Water Unit:

This unit examines the influence of the Pinelands unique hydrologic and geographical characteristics on the water of the region. The Cohansey Aquifer, Pinelands rivers, and the role water plays in cranberry production are covered in the lessons of this unit.

Pinelands Fire Unit:

One of the most important factors in the unique ecosystem found in New Jersey's Pinelands is fire This unit looks at the chemical reactions that cause fire, examines how man's increased activity in the Pinelands impacts on the incidence of fire there, and asks the question "Is all fire in the Pinelands bad?".

Pinelands People Unit:

People have lived and worked in the Pinelands from prehistoric times until the present. Lessons in this unit will explore the legends and actual events associated with the names people gave to Pinelands places, the seasonal cycle of Pinelands life, and how the rise and fall of Pinelands population can be related to the changing influence of technology, available natural resources, and other social and economic factors.

Pinelands Plant Unit:

The unique conditions of the Pinelands have resulted in many interesting adaptations in its plant population. This unit's lessons look at how overall geographic processes and climatic changes in the region have influenced the vegetation that grows there, and takes a specific look at how insect eating plants and pitch pine trees have adapted to the Pinelands unforgiving environment.

Pinelands Animal Unit:

The Pinelands provide a home to a diverse population of animals. This unit explores the interconnection of Pinelands animals in the food chain, the balance in an ecosystem between an area's conditions and the size of a population of animals it can support, and the impact of man on Pinelands animals.

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