Students will locate the New jersey Pinelands National Reserve on maps, noting its relative size and proximity to their communities and major metropolitan areas.

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Audio-visual program: "The New Jersey Pinelands, Our Country's First National Reserve."
Map 1 "Regional Location: New Jersey Pinelands"
Map 2 "Pinelands Preservation/Protection Area"
Student Worksheet "Mapping the Pinelands"
Answers for student worksheet "Mapping the Pinelands"

First, view the audio-visual program "The New Jersey Pinelands, Our Country's First National Reserve" with the students.

Discuss the size of the Pinelands (1.1 million acres, 1/4 of all New Jersey-use comparisons that will help students visualize the size of the region, i.e. if your school sits on 1 acre of land, you could put over 1 million schools in the Pinelands). Be sure to highlight the Pinelands uniqueness as the last vast, forested area in the heavily populated and industrialized region between Richmond, Virginia and Boston, Massachusetts. Note how close the relative wilderness of the Pinelands is to major cities like Philadelphia and New York. Ask the students how close their community is to the Pinelands.

Distribute the worksheet "Mapping the Pinelands" as well as the Regional Location Map and the Pinelands National Reserve Map. Allow the students to work in groups to answer the questions based on the maps.


Discuss the answers to the questions once the students have finished and check for accuracy .



1. Visit an area of the Pinelands and have the students develop maps for the area you visit. The maps could show landmarks, terrain features, etc. If you can't visit the Pinelands this project could be done in a more rural area of your community, or even your schoolyard or the students homes.


This lesson will introduce the students to the following vocabulary words:(click on the word to see its definition-use your browser's back button to return to this page)

Pinelands National Reserve, Preservation Area, Protection Area

This lesson covers the following New Jersey Core Curriculum Standards. Clicking on the standard number will take you to the complete text of the standard. You must use your browser's "BACK" button to return to this page from the linked Core Curriculum Standard pages.

Social Studies standards:

6.7-All students will acquire geographical understanding by studying the world in spatial terms.

6.8-All students will acquire geographic understanding by studying human systems in geography.

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