Community Health Centers
Total Stimulus Appropriation: The Recovery Act allocates $2 Billion nationally to increase capacity at community health centers over two years, of which $1.5 billion is for capital expenditures and $500 million is for service expansions.
New Jersey’s Portion: The $500 million for service expansions was delivered first, of which New Jersey received $9.4 Million. On March 2, $156 million was allocated to all Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs) who had applied and not yet received federal grant funds to become fully grant-funded FQHCs for the next two years. This included two facilities in New Jersey that were funded for $2.6 million. The remaining portion of the $500 million went for service expansions and was distributed via formula to FQHCs who applied, and NJ received $6.8 million.
Allocation Method: Competitive grant process directly to New Jersey’s FQHCs
Program Overview
The funds support community health centers, know as FQHCs, which are community-based organizations that serve populations with limited access to health care. These include low income individuals, the uninsured, those with limited English proficiency, migrant and seasonal farmworkers, individuals and families experiencing homelessness, and those living in public housing.
The Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA), through the Bureau of Primary Health Care, provides funding in accordance with the provisions of Section 330 of the Public Health Services Act. 
There are 19 federally funded FQHCs in New Jersey that are located in or serve communities with large medically underserved needs. In 2008, New Jersey’s FQHCs served 300,000 uninsured, underinsured or Medicaid beneficiaries, providing more than 1 million medical or dental primary care visits.  The FQHCs provide comprehensive primary health care services as well as supportive services (education, translation and transportation, etc.) that promote access to health care.

Federal Requirements and Restrictions
$1.5 billion of the funding is allocated for community health center infrastructure needs including construction, renovation, equipment, and acquisition of Health Information Technology, but details about the size and types of projects that will be eligible for funding will be up to HRSA.

$500 million of the funding is for expanded services provided by community health centers including support for new sites and service areas, to increase services at existing sites, and to provide supplemental payments for spikes in uninsured populations. These funds have already been allocated as described above.

Program Eligibility
Federally Qualified Health Centers and FQHC networks are eligible.

Project Prioritization
To be determined by HRSA

Important Program Dates
No date has been set for when the guidance on submission of grant applications to HRSA will be available.