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What You Need to Know About:
New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission's
Six-Point Identification Verification Program

By Seema M. Singh, Esq.
Pubic Advocate-Designate
And Ratepayer Advocate

The State of New Jersey in 2003 created a new Six-Point Identification Verification Program to establish more secure processes to issue auto operator licenses in keeping with federal Homeland Security guidelines.

The new program was created under legislation signed by Governor James E. McGreevey, which also changed the name of the Division of Motor Vehicles, the responsible state agency, to the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission (MVC).

The most important goals of this legislation are to improve motor vehicle services for drivers, to enhance customer services and to establish a more secure licensing process in keeping with the Federal Security Guidelines.

The new identification verification program has generated many questions from legal non-citizen state residents who are now uncertain as to how they can qualify for driver licenses and renewals.

In December 2003, the state legislature added another licensing provision to MVC requirements that tightens security conditions for all applicants for regular and provisional licenses and driverís permits, requiring the submission of a digitized photo as a condition of receiving one of these permits in addition to the six point ID verification elements discussed below.

Before I discuss the new program, I want to point out that the Six Point ID Verification Program changes the process by which New Jersey issues driver licenses, driver permits, non-driver ID cards and boat licenses for everyone residing in New Jersey. The new ID verification program and photo requirement do not just apply to non-citizens, but to U.S. citizens as well.
Because most of the inquiries I, as Public Advocate Designate, have received about the program come from legal non-citizens, this article will focus on the unique ID requirements for that category.

Identity theft and document fraud have become serious problems in New Jersey and elsewhere in the United States. Since driver licenses are among the most common ways used to establish identities, everyone is safer when the state is very careful about proof of identities.

If you are a non-citizen, to qualify for a driver license or renewal, you must possess and show at least:

The documents detailed below, either originals or certified copies, must be produced by non-citizens at MVC offices when they apply for licenses, to establish identity.

How to Satisfy the Required Six Points

1. Primary Documents for Non-Citizens - Applicants must show at least one of these

4-Point Documents

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