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The Hon. Tahesha Way, Secretary

Labor And Workforce Development Assistance Programs

New Jersey Career Connections

The New Jersey Department of Labor and Workforce Development (DOL&WD) launched the New Jersey Career Connections website to link New Jersey job-seekers and employers. The website helps connect the businesses that are creating these jobs to the New Jerseyans who want them.

Features for Job-Seekers include:

  • Interactive Job Bank: a resource offering information on more than 165,000 jobs inside the state and another 410,000 jobs within a 50 mile radius of New Jersey.
  • Career Assessment: a government link that guides people in assessing their skills, job interests, educational needs and the likelihood of finding a job in the fields they explore.
  • Talent Networks: workforce programs provided through employers and educational institutions that help transition workers from disappearing job sectors into potential careers in such growing areas as life sciences and green industries.
  • Training: learn about educational opportunities, financial aid, training grants, apprenticeships and the state's Consumer Report Card to evaluate training providers.
  • One Stop Career Centers: Information on the location and services available at more than 30 regional Department of Labor offices that offer job-seekers access to computers, phones and copy machines.

Features for Employers include:

  • Interactive job bank: a data bank where businesses may instantaneously post job opportunities and search the resumes posted by job-seekers.
  • Expert advice: a portal to the state’s Business Representatives who help companies with needs consultation, employee recruitment services, new and incumbent worker training grants, hiring incentives and government navigation
  • Grants: information on Customized Training Grants and Literacy Grants that help companies remain competitive by improving the workplace skills of their existing workers and open the possibility of expanding their operations by training new workers.
  • Incentive programs: from tax credits to funding through several On-the-Job training programs that give employers financial assistance to expand their staff and ultimately their business operations.
  • One Stop Career Centers: learn about how more than 30 regional offices are not just for job-seekers, but also for business owners who need help building their future

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