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State of New Jersey

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About the Center

The Business Action Center (BAC) is dedicated to revitalizing and expanding New Jersey’s business community. Our mission is to foster economic vitality, grow jobs and position New Jersey as the nation’s leader in retaining, growing and attracting businesses.


Pro Business and Proactive

When you need professional help to launch, expand or relocate your business in New Jersey-or you could benefit from business consulting services for your small business-take action. Make one call to the NJ Business Action Center at (609) 777-0885. We are your "one-stop" resource for everything you need to do business in New Jersey. The NJ Business Action Center (BAC) encourages the optimum conditions for business growth and job creation in the State. Our advocates are here to help businesses of all sizes save time and money by offering a variety of business-related activities, including:

Accessing Financial and Incentive Programs. 
We will identify your business's eligibility for State programs and create a detailed proposal that will help you take action.

Navigating Permitting and Regulatory Processes. Take advantage of our in-depth understanding of the State's permitting and regulatory processes to help assess issues, identify any challenges and formulate a sound and effective solution.

Offering Site Selection Services. 
We can prepare a concise real estate listing of sites from our comprehensive database of NJ commercial properties that match your specifications.

Finding New Markets. 
Our expertise and programs include trade consulting services and inward foreign direct investment services. We can help identify buyers, international markets and partners for joint ventures and strategic alliances.

Are you a small business owner?
Whether you are launching a start-up or own a main street business, New Jersey is here for you!

The Office of Small Business Advocacy can help you access a variety of resources tailored to the small business owner's needs. Services include: mentoring assistance, advocacy services, labor and workforce issues, procurement assistance and export assistance.

Any addition questions about doing business with the State of New Jersey? Contact the Call Center at 866-534-7789 (Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm). Spanish-speaking advocates are available.