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Current Exhibitions

Jersey Crocs Rule!Jersey Crocs Rule!

On view through September 8
East Gallery, 1st floor

Explore the existence of crocodiles in New Jersey throughout their evolution. The wide diversity of crocodile species found in the Garden State’s fossil record is often a source of amazement to those who think of these creatures as surviving only in tropical and subtropical climates. The exhibition features taxidermy mounts and skeletons of crocodiles of prehistoric and living species, and an amazing six-foot-long cast of the skull of New Jersey native Deinosuchus, one of the world’s largest known crocodiles.

Crocodylians have been on the Earth for over 200 million years. Much of their evolutionary history is documented in the fossils and rocks found in New Jersey. Crocodiles, alligators and gharials from the State Museum’s collections illustrate the modern form, while the exhibit also delves into the fossil history of crocs in New Jersey, beginning with preserved croc-like trackways dating back almost 200 million years. One remarkable fossil feature of the exhibit a nearly complete skeleton of crocodylian Hyposaurus rogersii, which lived in what is now Gloucester County, NJ about 65 million years ago. The exhibit also include, interactives demonstrating how croc tails move and what their prehistoric environments were like, specimens of at least 5 different types of crocodylians that once lived in New Jersey, and a display of a recent croc fossil discovery currently under preparation at the State Museum.

“Jersey Crocs Rule!” is supported in part by the New Jersey State Museum Foundation.