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Written in the RocksWritten in the Rocks: Fossil Tales of New Jersey

Now Open
Natural History Hall

Hadrosaur The Museum is pleased to announce the addition of two life-size, complete fossil casts. NJ’s State dinosaur Hadrosaurus foulkii, and Mosasaurus maximus, a 50-foot marine reptile discovered in southern New Jersey, have joined the Dryptosaurus aquilunguis on display in the Written in the Rocks exhibition. Visitors to the Museum may recognize the Cretaceous period Mosasaur’s skull, which has previously been on view, and will welcome back Hadrosaurus, last displayed at the Museum in 2014. These new specimens will be on long-term view thanks to support from NJM Insurance Group and the New Jersey State Museum Foundation.


The exhibition presents unique fossil stories that offer intriguing clues about our ever-changing planet, how life on Earth has evolved and adapted… or gone extinct. Step back 3.5 billion years to explore the geology of New Jersey, the oldest fossils from the state and the progression of life here. Learn about the evolution of turtles, fish, mammals and birds. Meet New Jersey’s own Dryptosaurus, the world’s first known carnivorous dinosaur, reconstructed and displayed for the first time ever! Discover Ice Age animals and their modern day relatives. On long term view in the Natural History Hall.

Mosasaurus maximus