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Ask the Experts

Perfect for large audiences, our interactive assemblies connect students with Museum experts in Archaeology and Paleontology, and the objects they collect and research. Presentations are adaptable to students in grades 3-12. Advance reservations are required.

Length: 45 minutes
Cost: $3 per student
Group Size: 15 attendee minimum; large groups of 25 or more will be accommodated in our auditorium.
Reservations and Information: Call 609-292-1382 or Email

People of the Past: Archaeology in New Jersey
People of the Past: Archaeology in New Jersey
How do artifacts help archaeologists understand the lives of prehistoric humans? State Archaeologist Dr. Gregory Lattanzi leads this exploration of the unique objects, geography and environments of important New Jersey archaeological sites.
Fossil Hunters in New Jersey
Fossil Hunters in New Jersey
New Jersey abounds with fossils – its rocks represent 80 percent of the Earth’s history since life began! Dr. Dana Ehret shares exciting local discoveries, what fossils tell us about ancient ecosystems, and all of the challenges paleontologists face in this adventurous field.
Skype a Scientist
Skype a Scientist
Our Curator of Archaeology, Dr. Gregory Lattanzi, is participating in this online program to connect scientists with classrooms! To sign up, access the teacher form here: and be sure to check the box for Archaeology to connect with Dr. Lattanzi.
Paleo Lab - New Jersey State Museum scientists preparing new specimens
Paleo Lab
Take a peek at our latest fossil discoveries! Follow the progress of our scientists and volunteers, preparing fossil specimens from sites in New Jersey, Wyoming and Montana. We invite you to ask questions and observe their work. Open to the public every day.
Ask Our Experts: Video Learning Library
The Ask the Experts Video Learning Library takes paleontology’s most frequently asked questions and answers them in engaging, real-life situations in the field and in the lab. Join a Museum paleontologist on the 2015 Bighorn Basin Dinosaur Project field expedition in Montana and Wyoming. Click on the episodes below to watch.