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Guided Gallery Tours
Guided Exhibit Tours If you want to explore the Museum at your own pace and see as much as possible, a self-guided experience may work best for your group. If you would like to obtain more in-depth information about the long-term exhibitions on view, your group may opt to reserve a tour given by one of the Museum’s professional educators or expertly trained volunteers. Guided tours are FREE and are suitable to a variety of visitors, including adults, families, and school field trips. Advance reservations are required. 15 person minimum; groups larger than 30 may be split to preserve the quality of the experience for everyone. Tours last approximately 45 minutes. For reservations call 609-292-1382.

Interested in becoming one of our expertly trained volunteer gallery guides? Call Megan Innes at 609-292-6310 to discuss volunteer possibilities.
Current Tours Available
American Art and Artists
American Art and Artists
Explore the American Perspectives exhibit and see art by well-known artists including Andy Warhol, Georgia O’Keeffe, Roy Lichtenstein, Romare Bearden, Jacob Lawrence and many more. Your group will see the diversity of voices and visions found in 19th through 21st century American art and explore how world and US events (historical, political, cultural, etc.) impacted artists.
New Jersey History
New Jersey History
Do you know which American presidents have historical ties to our state? Can you name the symbols found on the Great Seal of the State of New Jersey? Learn the answers to these big questions of New Jersey history in Pretty Big Things: Stories of New Jersey History.
The Lenape in New Jersey
The Lenape in New Jersey
Beginning in New Jersey’s Original People, groups explore the story of the migration of Paleoindians across New Jersey and how they adapted to the changing climate beginning 13,000 years ago. Visitors can become scientific investigators to uncover what early inhabitants ate. They can see Paleoindian tools and guess their modern counterparts.

Visitors can even touch a variety of materials used for making pots. Groups continue through Cultures in Competition and A Much Moved People to learn the story of the Lenape up to and including the present day.
New Jersey’s Natural History
New Jersey’s Natural History
Earth and Life Science combine on a trip through billions of years of New Jersey natural history. See the oldest known rock in NJ found at Back Beach Park, Passaic County. Learn about the distinct NJ regions and their natural resources. Explore animals of all kinds from dinosaurs to birds you might find in your backyard today.

This tour walks through the Natural History Hall which includes the exhibit Written in the Rocks: Fossil Tales of New Jersey as well as the working Paleo Lab and the family friendly Discover Den hands on learning space.