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Resources for Teachers
The Museum has a number of resources to help you make your field trip experience unforgettable. We have a variety of in-gallery activities for your students to do--including scavenger hunts. We also have teacher guides that include an exhibit overview and classroom activities. These guides help you prepare for a field trip to the Museum and some can even be used without an onsite visit.

If you don’t see what you are looking for or have questions or suggestions to improve the resources provided please contact Beth Cooper, Curator of Education at 609-984-2586.
Resources Currently Available:
In-Gallery Activities
Activity sheets are available in most galleries. Scavenger hunts sheets are available at the Welcome Desk or available for download here:
Early Learning Curriculum Guides
Exhibit Curriculum Guides
Planetarium Guides
Ask the Experts Video Learning Library
The “Ask the Experts” Video Learning Library takes paleontology’s most frequently asked questions and answers them in engaging, real-life situations in the field and in the lab. The segments were filmed during the Museum’s 2015 field expedition in Montana and Wyoming.
Episode 1 - How Do You Know Where To Dig?
Episode 2 - How Do You Know Where The Fossils Are?
Episode 3 - How Do You Know If It Is A Fossil?
Episode 4 - How Do We Dig up Fossils?
Episode 5 - How Do We Dig up The Bones?
Episode 6 - How Do We Get The Bones Back Safely?
Episode 7 - What Is Fossil Preparation?
Episode 8 - Which Dinosaur And Part Of The Body Does That Fossil Belong To?
Episode 9 - What Did The Dinosaurs Look Like?
Episode 10 - Why Do We Look For Dinosaurs In Montana And Wyoming?
NJSM 9/11 Collaborative Learning Program
This teacher’s guide and compilation of short videos is designed to help educators impart the vital lessons of September 11, 2001. NJSM partnered with educators to produce this innovative program, which includes short videos and accompanying lesson plans designed to bring the content of the Remember 9/11 exhibition into classrooms statewide.
Featuring first person testimonials from 9/11 family members and Ground Zero volunteers, this engaging program was designed by professional educators and meets common core and NJ State education standards.
This 4-part video explores the objects and stories found in the exhibit. Lessons designed for middle and high school students relate to each section of the video.
Students will learn about:
Life Before 9/11/2001
Volunteerism & Good Citizenship
The Collapse of the World Trade Center Twin Towers: Causes & Lessons Learned
Recovery Work of 9/11
The lessons included in this teacher’s guide are designed to be used with the New Jersey State Museum 9/11 Collaborative Learning Collection Videos. Each video vignette can be shown individually or all together. Videos can be paused and replayed to foster classroom discussion.

The videos include some questions to spark and provide a framework for those discussions. With these videos you have access to primary sources, artifacts and oral history accounts from New Jerseyans affected by 9/11 along with commentary provided by museum professionals.
9/11 Videos - Opening - Link:
9/11 Videos - Life Before 9/11/2001 - Link:
9/11 Videos - World Trade Center Steel - Link:
9/11 Videos - Recovery - Link:
9/11 Videos - Volunteerism - Link:
9/11 Videos - Closing - Link: