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Thursday Theatre in the NJSM Auditorium
Choose performances based in science, literature or social studies. We are committed to offering children a live theater experience that engages and inspires, for the amazingly low cost of $3 per person. Don’t miss out!

Showtime: 11:15am NEW
Length: 45 minutes

Cost: $3 per person, including teachers & chaperones. Trenton Public Schools attend performances FREE of charge.

Group Size: Groups of all sizes, including homeschools, are welcome. Advance reservations are required for all groups.
2019 Season
Rob Aptaker: Tales From Turtle Island
Rob Aptaker: Tales From Turtle Island
April 18

Many Native Americans refer to North America as Turtle Island. Storyteller Rob Aptaker shares traditional Native tales, including Earth on Turtle’s Back (Iroquois), The Coming of Stories (Lenape), and more. Voices, gestures, animal sounds, and audience participation help bring the characters to life, along with authentic Native American songs accompanied by drum and rattle. Historic and cultural background information is woven into each tale to give context as students learn about the various tribal nations and their compelling stories.

Appropriate for Grades K-6
Academy of Natural Sciences: Discovering Dinosaurs
Academy of Natural Sciences: Discovering Dinosaurs
May 9

How do we know what dinosaurs were like? Were other animals alive at the same time as the dinosaurs? How were they similar to animals that are still alive today? Learn the answers to the puzzles of paleontology by examining fossils and participating in engaging interactives.

Appropriate for Grades 1-6

Download the Teacher’s Guide for
Grades Pre-K–2 Discovering Dinosaurs
Download the Teacher's Guide for
Grades 3–6 Discovering Dinosaurs

PA 3.1 A1, A5, C2, C3,
PA 3.3 A1, A3
PA 4.1 D
Star Tours: Explore the Mysteries of the Universe!
Star Tours: Explore the Mysteries of the Universe!
May 16

Explore our solar system, the particulars of space travel, the discoveries of Galileo, and more! Join our top-notch crew on a hilarious and informative trip through the universe. Their mission? To seek out new worlds and civilizations, to boldly go where no one has gone before, and to teach kids a whole lot about outer space before the day is over.

Appropriate for Grades K-6
Mad Science: Marvels of Motion
Mad Science: Marvels of Motion
May 23

Come one, come all… to the Mad Science Physics Olympics! This interactive event is all about the fun-damentals of moving science including Newton’s 3 Laws of Motion and all sorts of surprises including dancing, chemically assisted football tossing, and even amazing "space-age" rocket packs. Children will have a chance to compete in wacky events, while the mad scientists prepare to unveil their top-secret motion machine. Come and discover the science behind some of your favorite Olympic sports and find out why this show is such a “blast!”

Appropriate for Grades K-6
Hip Hop Fundamentals: Civil Rights Movements
Hip Hop Fundamentals: Civil Rights Movements
June 6

This ground-breaking presentation focuses on student involvement in the American Civil Rights movement through dance, audience participation, and a variety of interactive activities. They tackle racism, segregation, and the struggle for freedom in a safe, family friendly atmosphere of Hip Hop. Students hear the words of Dr. King, learn how nonviolent direct action helped end segregation, and experience firsthand the power of unity and diversity.

Appropriate for Grades 2-12
Box of Light: Earth Days, The Water Cycle
Box of Light: Earth Days, The Water Cycle
July 30

Using the format of Box of Light’s humorous theatrical science shows, this program looks at water as a molecule. Students explore the way water transforms, moves, carries good things and bad, and basically sustains all life on earth. The performance is dripping with audience participation and student helpers become Knights and Ladies of the Aquifer (basically, they get hit on the head with a wet sponge.)

Appropriate for Grades K-5