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Job Opportunities

Local job opportunities are posted below for review. If you would like to submit a complimentary job listing, send an email to Make sure to include basic details about the project, indicating where the production is filming, when the work is needed, whether the job is paid or unpaid, and how the employer should be contacted (email address and phone number).

Job listings are provided solely for the convenience of production companies and job seekers. The New Jersey Motion Picture and Television Commission neither endorses nor recommends employers or applicants, and our postings do not constitute an endorsement or recommendation of any kind. The Commission makes no guarantees regarding the accuracy of the information contained in these listings.


Message Title
Performance “Bubble” Artists for feature film - Paid

Feature film is seeking people with Bubble Performing experience to portray BUBBLE ARTISTS for the featured film IT ENDS WITH US based on the best-selling novel of the same name. (SAG-AFTRA COVERED)

Tentatively works: 6/5 in New Jersey area. Transportation provided if needed. This background performer role is covered by a SAG-AFTRA CBA and subject to a Preference of Employment provision. Paid work - special ability SAG-AFTRA background rate $197/8hrs; The entire film will be filming in/around New Jersey area.

If interested/available, please submit by emailing and change the subject line to read "FB BUBBLE ARTIST" and include the following in the body of your email:

  • Name
  • Phone #
  • Whether you are a member of SAG-AFTRA in good standing, or if you are non-SAG (if you are NonSAG, please let us know how many SAG waivers you've received in the past!)
  • Your height & weight
  • Photos of yourself as well as videos of you performing your bubble show
  • Confirm you have your own bubble materials and props
  • Do you have ANY tattoos?
  • Which forms of IDs you will be bringing to fill out your i9? (If you have a VISA or Employment Authorization Card, please let us know!)
  • Confirm you are available to work: 6/5
  • Confirm you are over 18
Casting Call for Indie Horror short – Non-Paid

Indie horror short filming in the Central Jersey area during July/August 2023 is seeking cast members non-union/non-paid.

Logline: Four college students go up to a cabin for a weekend but by the end of the weekend, none of them return home.

Character Descriptions (19-25; any race/gender preferences are welcomed):


  • Angela - early 20s, girl-next-door type, comes off prim & proper but underneath has a dark side.
  • Kim - early 20s, spunky best friend, not afraid to speak her mind and is loyal to her friends, free-spirited.
  • Paul - early 20s, goofball but means well, stands up for what’s good, can come across corny.
  • Robbie - early 20s, overly confident jock, speaks before he thinks, dry sense of humor.
  • Ambiguous male character - in search for tall (5’10 +) male. Non-speaking.

DM or email for sides or more information.

Production Coordinator - Paid

Feature film seeking Production Coordinator for immediate hire.

Currently in final weeks of pre-production, entering production June 12-July 2.

Jersey City local a PLUS!

  • Prep - $1500
  • Production - $350 p/d

Please send resume over to

Indie Horror Short seeking multiple positions – Non Paid

Indie Horror film is taking submissions for multiple crew positions for indie horror short. Looking for people that want that first non-Production Assistant title.

Shooting in Central NJ, July/August 2023


  • Director of Photography
  • Production Designer
  • Set Dec/Prop Master
  • 1st AC
  • Boom Op/Sound
  • Gaffer
  • Grip(s)
  • Makeup/SFX

Non-union, non-paid. If you have a kit, that’s a plus!
Lunch provided. 5-6 days of shooting estimated. Flexible schedule, most likely working on weekends. Email resumes/portfolios

Casting "Miss Paris County," an NYU Tisch thesis film. Directed by Saunder Lynne Boyle.

Synopsis: A teenage beauty queen finds herself a fish out of water at the County Fair pageant, but when an older girl takes her under her wing, she must decide whether to turn her back on a new friend in order to win.

Originally slated to film in 2020, we're 2020 NYU graduates who have been working in the industry circling back to finish this thesis project. The project is led by queer people and women.

Unpaid but Copy, Credit, Meals provided

We'll be filming near Sparta, NJ June 11-15. Looking for actors who can self-report for the following roles:

Male, 40s-60s. Any ethnicity. The pageant Emcee, he lives for the moments where he can really interact with the crowd, but the rest of his life is lackluster. All Ethnicities.

Aunt Jill:
Female, 30s-70s. Myrtle's supportive aunt, sun-wrinkled with kind eyes, smokes cigarettes. All Ethnicities.

Featured Contestants/Tough Boys/Fair Goers:
All Ethnicities and ages. Background and featured background.

Email include a headshot/resume/reel if you have them.

Real Life Stories wanted for Attorney Call-In Series - Paid

Virtual Casting is seeking real-life stories for a brand new call-in series with an acclaimed attorney. Ideal situations to discuss would include those who think they might have a lawsuit but would like a second opinion, those who would love to connect by phone with an attorney to talk about a pressing issue, or those that feel that justice needs to be served. There are dozens of reasons you might want to talk to an attorney and share your story with the program. You have the option to remain entirely anonymous. This is not an on-camera opportunity, unless you would want to be on camera. PAID opportunity - $50 for your call if you are booked, and your commitment is 1 hour or less. In order to be considered please take a few minutes to complete this application so that we have a better sense of your story and why you are seeking legal advice:

If you have further questions please do not hesitate to ask, but you will only be considered for this opportunity after you complete the above application.

Intern Positions - Multiple Departments

Triumphant Pictures is seeking interns for the following departments: Administrative, Grip and Electric, Camera Crew, Art Department, and Wardrobe. Please send resume to

Virtual Internviews will take place 5/5-5/8/23

It Ends With Us Baby Casting

Grant Wilfley Casting is seeking NJ local single, twins or triplets to portray the following for feature film "It Ends with Us" based on the novel by Colleen Hoover.

  • 7-10 month old (in May/June)
    Daughter of white parents
  • 11-14 month old (in May/June)
    Daughter of white and South Asian parents
  • Newborns or babies expected to be due in May/June of white parents as well as white and South Asian parents

Filming will be around Morris County, Hoboken and Hackensack areas of New Jersey. This is paid work!

You may submit by emailing and change the subject line to read "NJ BABY AVAIL" and include the following in the body of your email:

  • Guardian Name
  • Baby (babies) names
  • Phone #
  • Baby's length & weight
  • Baby's DATE OF BIRTH
  • Photos of the baby (babies)
  • Which forms of IDs you will be bringing to fill out your baby's i9? (If you have a VISA or Employment Authorization Card, please let us know!) -Confirm you are available on the aforementioned work dates
Casting for ordinary people to share personal stories - Paid

Production company seeking people for a Life Insurance spot. Everyone who’s lost a loved one knows that a simple, unassuming object can stand for something bigger—not just the memory of the person who’s gone, but for the values that live on in their absence. Production company seeking ordinary people to tell us the story of an object: the thing that someone cared enough to leave behind for them. Looking to hear about the way that object embodies a life that was lived, the lessons it teaches, and the power draw from it as you move forward after loss. Object could be anything: A dented guitar. A book of family recipes. A bottle of cologne. An old video game console. It might have been left by a family member or a friend, at any time in your life.

It’s something different for everyone—but we want to hear your story.

  • Have you lost a loved one?
  • Do you have a precious object that reminds you of that person?
  • Tell us about your loved one. Your relationship with them, what they meant to you, how you remember them now
  • Tell us about this object’s story, and about what makes it special to you.
  • Describe how the significance of this object helps to shape who are today without your loved one. For example, has it inspired an important action or change in your life.

Email your story, a photo of the object as well as your contact info to

Must be based in the US. Two day shoot sometime between mid July to mid August. Compensation.

Casting Call – Stipend/Non-Union

Producer seeking roles for upcoming non-union feature film titled “Man Freed,” a gothic fiction period-piece adapted from Lord Byron’s c. 1817 closet drama, Manfred. The story follows Count Manfred, a powerful sorcerer and reclusive aristocrat grieving over his deceased lover, Astarte. Seeking to rid himself of her painful memory and acquire forgetfulness, Manfred summons various mythological beings. Throughout his magical efforts to manipulate reality and the cosmos, Manfred slowly loses his sanity.

Details regarding the available roles, production schedule and contact information are below:

ABBOT OF ST. ANTHONY (M, Age: 40-60) The Abbot of St. Anthony is a religious leader dispatched to handle fragile matters such as the troubles of a young, powerful noble. He is a man of absolute piety and plain compassion. Can his wisdom and faith lead the blind into the light?

ASTARTE (F, Age: 20-25) The Lady Astarte was the incestual lover of Count Manfred. After mysteriously dying, she is not buried by a priest, and thus enters the Underworld. Her memory is both a source of tenderness and torment for Count Manfred. Will she reunite with her lover in the afterlife?

WITCH OF THE STREAM (F, Age: 20-70) The Witch of the Stream is a river-witch who makes deals with passersby, often deceiving them or leading these strangers’ souls into her service. As Manfred stumbles upon her aquatic territory, she encounters a formidable magician in the Count. Will she get what she wants and procure Count Manfred's troubled soul?

CHAMOIS HUNTER (M, Age: 40-60) The Chamois Hunter is a simple mountain man who embodies common folk. A lover of wine and a hearty laugh, his congenial ways are challenged by Count Manfred's complicated morality. Can his good heart withstand the tragic path Count Manfred plummets down?

FIRST SISTER OF DESTINY (F, Age: 20-30) The First Sister of Destiny, also known as Clotho, is a personification of fate. She is the youngest of her three siblings and her inexperience shows it. Her role as one of the three Moirai siblings is to spin the thread of all human life. Throughout her great journey into the territories of man, will she succumb to overwhelm or will she retain her divine composure?

SECOND SISTER OF DESTINY (F, Age: 30-50) The Second Sister of Destiny, also known as Lachesis, is a personification of fate. She is the middle of her three siblings. Her role as one of the Moirai siblings is to measure the thread of human life, thus nothing gets by her. Will her temperament as a know-it-all rule enforcer blind her vision to ensure all beings follow their true destiny?

THIRD SISTER OF DESTINY (F, Age: 50-70) The Third Sister of Destiny, also known as Atropos, is a personification of fate. She is the oldest of her three siblings and her role as the eldest Moirai sibling is to cut the thread of human life. As it requires great skill and mystical wisdom to accurately end lives when their time comes, she is a matronly sage. Can she not only guide her younger siblings on their pilgrimage, but ensure that death’s bell tolls at its proper time?

NEMESIS (F, Age: 20-50) Nemesis is a goddess whose sole responsibility is to bring vengeance upon all those who act with hubris or greed before the gods. Entirely upright and righteously prepared to slice off the head of any should divine judgment call for it, she is the symbol of virtue and serves the gods with absolute efficiency. Can she deliver the prideful all that they are due?

ARIMANES (M, Age: 30-60) Arimanes is the personification of evil in the whole cosmos. His form is human-like, but don't be fooled. His skills of deception and enticement are unmatched, and his trail often remains invisible. He is a busy god, for evil never rests. When interrupted by small, mortal matters, he wastes no opportunity to slither his way into the soul of man. Can this Satanic figure ensure evil is the force which every desperate man succumbs to?

HERMAN (M, Age: 20-30) Herman is a servant in Count Manfred's castle. Young and curious not only about his master, he fixates on being the best servant he can be. Unfortunately, he works alongside a fellow with a bitter temperament and is thrust into a whirlwind of conflict surrounding his master. Can the loyalty for his boss withstand the tempest of quarrels engulfing the castle?

MANUEL (M, Age: 50-70) Manuel is a servant in Count Manfred's castle, first serving Count Sigismund, Count Manfred's father. Dreading the current Count and son of his original master, whom he favored more, he seeks to disrupt the ways of new and restore the ways of old. Will his bitterness and golden age fixation manifest any change at the castle?

DEMON (M/F, Age: 20-50) The Demon is a malevolent, supernatural manifestation of Hell. Its sole mission is to bring malicious death upon the cursed. It is an invisible entity to the righteous and pure, but a visible, haunting nightmare to the crooked, vulnerable, and broken. Will it properly serve the forces of evil and drag the damned to tragic ends when their time comes?

FIRST SPIRIT OF NATURE (*VOICE-OVER*, M/F, Age: 20-60) The First Spirit of Nature is the supernatural manifestation of the Star. This celestial being is the voice for the Seven Spirits of Nature. The Spirit of the Star symbolizes desire out of reach, for those who reach for the stars cannot grasp them. Will this stellar Spirit maintain natural harmony throughout its dealings?


  • Small Stipend, IMDb Credit, & Meals are provided for CAST
  • TABLE-READ Sunday, June 4th, 2023 via ZOOM
  • REHEARSALS throughout June 2023-February 2024 via ZOOM
  • PRODUCTION runs approximately 1-2 weekends each month from August 2023-February 2024 throughout NJ & Eastern PA
  • EACH ROLE films only 1-3 total days
  • Email with the following:
    NAME, CONTACT EMAIL, PHONE #, HEIGHT, CURRENT LOCATION, UNION STATUS, RESUME, HEADSHOT, SELF-TAPE as UNLISTED YOUTUBE LINK, Zoom Rehearsal Availability (June 2023-February 2024), Weekend Filming Availability (August 2023-February 2024), & Indicate which ROLE(S) you are interested in.
  • AUDITION EMAILS due MONDAY, MAY 15th, 2023

Contact Us:

Casting Call – Paid/Non-Union

Short film producer is seeking a supporting actor for a dark comedy. Role of “basketball player,” no specific race required. Athletic build & 6’3” or taller preferred. Tentative shooting date June 17 in Woodbridge.

Email acting reel and resume to if interested.


A coach of a basketball team in the Atlantic City area is seeking a Videographer/ Photographer to work this Saturday, April 29th, to gather footage and photographs of basketball team and coaching in action.

For more details, reach out to Ben:

3D Animator - Paid

Short film/thriller is seeking a 3D Animator. PAID position. Production needs someone who can create something in the style of “Annihilation” or “Stranger Things.” Also seeking someone who is well-versed in A24 films.

Please email resume and portfolio to:

Makeup Artist Needed - Paid

Production Company is seeking a makeup artist for a photo/video shoot on May 4th in Hoboken, NJ.

Basic camera-ready makeup/Paid gig. Please email:

Production Designer Needed - Paid

A production is seeking an experienced PRODUCTION DESIGNER for a mystery/thriller shooting during LATE JUNE in NEW JERSEY. Wanted: someone who has an eye for surreal paintings, has a love for A24, and Darren Aronofsky films. This is a PAID position and we're looking staff/do interviews as soon as possible.

Please send your resume and information to:

Boom Operator and Sound Mixer Needed - Paid

Production seeking a Boom Operator and Sound Mixer on set May 27-29, June 1-3 in New Jersey and Manhattan. This is for a Pilot: Proof of Concept project/a Sci-Fi "Dramedy.”

SAG Micro Low Budget!! Please email rates to:

Casting Call/Script Reading – Paid (under SAG ULB terms)

Production is seeking to cast for our upcoming script reading May 6 in Jersey City. This is a fundraiser for us to be able to film our series, so it's unpaid, but could lead to being cast in the final product which will be paid under SAG ULB terms. Email reel/sample work to

Camera Person Needed – Paid

Production seeking a BTS (Photo and Video) person for a 3-day shoot starting Saturday in North Jersey, 4/22 to 4/24. Ideal candidate can work great solo, capturing meaningful moments and shooting with purpose, not just shutter clicks. Pay: $1000/day Delivering all raw assets.
Please email me samples of your work. Do not message me on Facebook.

Casting Call/Short Film - Union

Untitled horror short film is seeking a Union actor, woman (20s-30s), understated, violent, For a 3–4-day shoot in NY & NJ this June. Please send Headshot and Reels to:

Sound Recordist Needed - Paid

Production looking for a sound person for shoot on April 14th and 15th. Location is in East Ryan Rutherford NJ. 1 Camera shoot with lavalier and boom microphone.

Please email your rate to:


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