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Traffic and Transportation

Getting Where You Need To Go...

Do you want your children facing a commute to work two or three times longer than yours? Do we want your aging parents homebound, simply because they no longer have the use of a car?

Following Smart Growth means better access to mass transit and walkable, compact communities. That means cleaner air, reduced respiratory problems, better trails and walkways that bring our communities and people closer together, and more free time when you're not stuck in traffic.

Since New Jersey is the most densely populated and heavily traveled state in the country, it's important to make sure that increasing traffic congestion isn't a way of life.

The goal of a high-quality transportation system is to get people where they want to go, safely, quickly and efficiently. This includes people who cannot drive, who can't afford a car, and those who choose not to drive.

To learn more about how transportation — and the movement of people and goods — fits the Smart Growth goals of the State Plan, see Transportation Choices 2025