Task Force Recipient Training

In an effort to promote transparency and accountability with respect to the expenditure of ARRA funds in New Jersey, members of the Recovery Accountability Task Force have initiated a state wide internal control training effort. The initial steps taken by the Task Force include meeting with the Commissioners at State Departments & Agencies receiving ARRA funds and/or their top level managers to reinforce the importance of setting the appropriate tone at the top; working with them to identify potential areas of risk of waste and abuse; to collaborate with their staff to create a curriculum; and to deliver training to identified individuals charged with spending ARRA funds. These sessions also emphasize evolving issues recently identified by state and federal oversight agencies concerning the expenditure of ARRA funds. 

The Task Force internal control sub-group has conducted numerous sessions attended by nearly 1,400 individuals representing hundreds of ARRA recipients, including state, county, and local entities. The following internal control resource library includes the training videos, audio clips, PDF files, and links that are the result of the Task Force‚Äôs training initiative.

List of Activities with State Agencies and Departments and other ARRA recipients
Date Entity Activity
01/15/2010 Board of Public Utilities Internal Controls Training
01/8/2010 Department of Human Services CBC Quarterly Meeting
01/5/2010 Department of Human Services CBC Quarterly Meeting
Date Entity Activity
12/16/2009 Department of Human Services CWA Fiscal Officers Meeting
12/2/2009 Department of Human Services Commission for the Blind and Visually Impaired
Date Entity Activity
10/29/2009 Department of Human Services Childcare Resources and Referral Agencies
10/22/2009 Department of Community Affairs and Community Action Association Community Service Block Grant
10/5/2009 Department of Environmental Protection Clean Water and Drinking Water Project Funds
10/2/2009 Department of Human Services County Welfare Agencies
10/1/2009 Department of Community Affairs, Law and Public Safety, and Board of Public Utilities Municipal recipients of Community Development Block Grant, Homelessness Prevention, Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant and Byrne Justice Assistance Grants
Date Entity Activity
09/17/2009 Department of Health County Area Agencies on Aging
09/1/2009 Department of Education School District Officials
Date Entity Activity
07/16/2009 Department of Transportation County recipients of transportation funds for Metropolitan Planning Organization projects
07/09/2009 Department of Labor and Workforce Development One Stop Work Centers
Date Entity Activity
06/4/2009 Department of Community Affairs Weatherization Assistance Program Recovery Funding: An Increased Level of Oversight and Accountability