Department of Transportation

Activities and Accomplishments

The New Jersey Department of Transportation's (NJDOT) key Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) activities and accomplishments included:

  • Creating an internal ADA Work Group of 23 participants who represent key areas of NJDOT and serve as subject matter experts. These Work Group members will share ADA information across their respective functional areas and provide relevant feedback to the Division on ADA matters.
  • Conducting a formal Self-Evaluation of the Title II/Section 504 program to assess how well NJDOT's programs, policies, and procedures comply with ADA requirements.
  • Making a major Draft Transition Plan update since the completion of the first plan in 1994. The Draft Transition Plan serves as the implementation piece for issues identified in the Self-Evaluation. The Draft Plan aims to improve ADA accessibility and compliance with several required elements, including the development of a curb ramp installation schedule.
  • Establishing the Title II program framework and structure within NJDOT through the Designation of an ADA Coordinator, development of Notice Regarding ADA Requirements, and Adoption of Grievance Procedures.
  • Assisting and monitoring the completion of major and minor ADA accessibility improvements at three regional facilities, the NJDOT Headquarters Building in Trenton and two State Welcome Centers.
  • Meeting the requirement of developimg a curb ramp installation schedule, the NJDOT Civil Rights Division contracted with an engineering consultant to compile an inventory of state roadway mainline intersections in order to determine the number that have sidewalk curb ramps.
  • Developing Mission and Vision statements and public outreach materials for NJDOT's ADA program.
  • Holding 15 sessions of ADA training for about 500 staff at NJDOT headquarters and regional offices.
2011 and ongoing
The NJDOT is:
  • Actively working to establish a public involvement process which includes the disability community and other interested individuals to provide feedback, particularly during Self-Evaluation and Transition Plan updates. The Division will meet with these groups to share information on its efforts and to gain insight on ADA concerns from the public.
  • Providing external ADA Compliance Training to local counties and municipalities across NJDOT's four District Offices across the State. A total of about 126 individuals (mostly county engineers) participated in this training.
  • Scheduling additional ADA training in Summer 2011 through partnerships with Rutgers University and the New Jersey Society of Municipal Engineers (NJSME).
  • Continuing to work in in partnership with the ADA Work Group and ADA Coordinator in identifying gaps and opportunities for improvement regarding ADA issues throughout NJDOT and refining the current Draft Transition Plan.

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