Department of Transportation



Title Concurrence

Sample Job Description Form (pdf 16k)


  1. Job descriptions enable NJDOT and consultants to ascertain the professional grade of employees.
  2. Job descriptions are evaluated based on ASCE Grades, NJDOT, and New Jersey Civil Service requirements.
  3. Job descriptions should be considered as typical characteristics of a particular grade, rather than desirable or minimum requirements.
  4. All descriptive matters will be considered by the NJDOT when evaluating a position.
  5. Conformance with every item in the description is not necessary when there is a preponderance of evidence that the person meets the intended level of competence and responsibility.
  6. Many positions require advanced degree(s).
  7. Professional grades are not intended to cover technical support personnel. These titles will be disclosed separately.


Consultant prepares and sends job descriptions for review by Professional Services.

The job description must be submitted in the format in the DOT Position Criteria (pdf 94k)All job descriptions are evaluated based on the same criteria.  Compare the criteria for each title within your firm, with the attached criteria for each of our ASCE Grades. In order to receive the proper ASCE Grade, the resume for each title within your firm, must consist of a significant portion of the criteria of that specific level.
  1. If the job description of your title does not fit the criteria of any of the ASCE Grades (such as an administrative title) select the ASCE Grade that most closely parallels that position, and use that criteria.
  2. Professional Services submits two copies of the Title Concurrence Sheet to the consultant for their review and approval.
  3. If titles are mutually agreed upon, the consultant will sign and return both copies to Professional Services.
  4. Professional Services will sign both copies of the Title Concurrence Sheet.
  5. Professional Services will retain one copy and the other copy is sent to the consultant.
  6. The consultant's signature on the Title Concurrence Sheet certifies that the personnel listed under the assigned title and ASCE Grade performs the duties and responsibilities listed within their submitted resume and job description.

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