Send Addenda to Trns*port Submit Electronic  Bids via Internet Enter goals in LAS Perform Bid Analysis & recommend award or rejection of Bids... Prepare and Sign AD-12 and Circulates for Required Signatures Civil Rights Approves Goal Package Send Award or Rejection Memo and Memo... Review Submitted Bids Provide Bid Tabulation Issue Addenda As Required (Designer prepares, if necessary) Post Addenda on During Advertising Period Fax Addenda Acknowledgement to CSP To Part 2 Certify Bids Process Addenda, as needed  (Refer to Addenda Workflow Process) Download bids from Post bids Provide Goal Package to Civil Rights PM concurs with Award/Reject  Memo and FHWA Certification... Advertise Project in Local Newspapers and post on Department... Monitor for Bid results