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Criteria and Scoring Guide

The New Jersey Department of Transportation (NJDOT) designates Transit Village status once a municipality has completed the Transit Village Application and demonstrated that it has met all the criteria listed below.

For information about how the applications are evaluated, please refer to the Transit Village Criteria and Scoring Guide (rtf 183k).

The Transit Village Task Force and NJDOT Commissioner designate Transit Villages. The number of designations varies each year and may be limited by the capacity of the State of New Jersey to accommodate and support additional Transit Villages. Once designated, a municipality is eligible for technical assistance and priority consideration by agencies that make up the Transit Village Task Force.

Municipalities must take the following steps in order to receive Transit Village designation:

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  • Attend a pre-application meeting with the Transit Village Coordinator
  • Identify existing transit

  • Demonstrate municipal willingness to grow

  • Adopt a transit-oriented development (TOD) redevelopment plan or TOD zoning ordinance
    • Include transit-supportive site design guidelines
    • Include transit-supportive architectural design guidelines
    • Include transit-supportive parking regulation

  • Identify specific TOD sites and projects
    • Document ready-to-go projects
    • Include affordable housing in the transit village district

  • Identify bicycle and pedestrian improvements

  • Identify "Place making" efforts near transit station
    • Establish a management organization
    • Identify annual community events and celebrations
    • Identify arts, entertainment and cultural events

The file listed above is in Portable Document Format (PDF). You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view this file, which is available at our state Adobe Access page.

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