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Pulaski Skyway northbound lanes reopened, restoring two-way traffic on the Skyway
The project is currently in Final Design and Construction. The New Manahawkin Bay Bridge construction contract was awarded on April 24, 2013 with construction activities beginning May 3, 2013. Construction is anticipated to continue through 2020. Since Route 72 is vital to the tourist economy, four lanes of traffic will be provided continuously during construction in the summer months.

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The traffic pattern on the Skyway will change near the Tonnele exit, as shown in this video. Vehicles heading to Tonnele Circle, Route 1&9 North and the Lincoln Tunnel must stay to the right to exit. Motorists heading to Route 139 and the Holland Tunnel must use the left lane. In addition, the Newark, Kearny, and Broadway ramps will remain closed for rehabilitation in future contracts.

With the reopening of the northbound lanes on the Skyway, Route 139 lower level will resume the variable lane configuration Mondays through Fridays (except Holidays) with two lanes inbound (eastbound) and one lane outbound (westbound) in the morning and two lanes outbound (westbound) and one lane inbound (eastbound) in the afternoon and evening. Sunday afternoons and evenings also will have two inbound lanes going towards the Tunnel, with one lane outbound.

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Last updated date: November 18, 2020 2:20 PM