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Please review the topics below first for faster assistance
(Answers to questions we routinely receive are provided below):

  • Pulaski Skyway Inquires
    Please visit
    Click on their "Contact Us" link in the left navigation bar and write them directly.

  • Directory, NJDOT Phone Numbers
    (Services A - Z, State Telephone Directory and Local Names)
    Visit our NJDOT Directory Web site.

  • State Highway Maintenance Issues
    (potholes, deer carcass, highway litter, malfunctioning traffic signals, highway street lights, high grass, damaged/missing signs, guardrail damage or other maintenance problem)
    Complete our online maintenance report form or call 1.800.Pothole.

  • Toll Collection Issues
    Contact the NJ Turnpike Authority

  • EZ Pass Issues
    Contact the NJ Turnpike Authority or
    Contact EZ Pass Customer Service
    : 1.888.AUTO.TOLL (1.888.288.6865)
    Visit the New Jersey EZPass web site.

  • NJ Turnpike Issues
    Contact the NJ Turnpike Authority
    Trash or Maintenance Issues - Complete their Online Mintenance Report Form.

  • Garden State Parkway Issues
    Contact the NJ Turnpike Authority
    Trash or Maintenance Issues - Complete their Online Mintenance Report Form.

  • NJ Transit, Bus, Train Schedules, Mass Transit
    Contact NJ Transit or call: 973.275.5555

  • Damage Claims
    (potholes, construction related, windshield, snow plows):
    Contact the Department of Treasury's Office of Risk Management

  • Drivers licenses, plates, registration, titles, traffic laws, points, violations, inspections and handicapped placards
    Contact the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission.
    Customer Information: 609.292.6500 or (toll-free in NJ) 888.486.3339

  • Trucking Related Issues
    Truck/Trailer Registration Inquiries: 609.633.9400
    Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulation Inquiries:
    Oversize/Overweight Permitting Inquiries:
    MVC Vehicle registration issues:
    International Registration Plan (IRP) temporary authorizations for travel of short duration in New Jersey for vehicles not registered in New Jersey may be obtained by motor carriers for $25 by contacting the MVC at (609) 633-9400, ext. 1
    International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) trip permits are available when needed by motor carriers that do not typically travel in New Jersey, and may be obtained for $25 by contacting the MVC at (609) 633-9400, ext. 2
    USDOT Number Inquiries:
    Contact FMCSA at 609-275-2604 or Visit the FMSCA website
    Log Book inquires:
    Contact FMCSA at 609-275-2604 or Visit the FMSCA website.
    Visit our NJDOT Trucking web site or contact the NJ Motor Truck Association.

  • Real Time Traffic & Traffic Cameras
    Traffic Camera Video Log Requests

  • Regulations
    speed limits, no passing zones, turns, parking/stopping, lane usage, etc
    Visit our Traffic Regulations web site.

  • Report Waste, Fraud or Abuse
    of NJDOT Employees or Assets to the Inspector General:
    Email the Inspector General or call 609.530.3091.

  • Contact your local officials first for the following:
    1. Signs (new or existing)
    2. Traffic Signals (operations/timings/installations)
    3. Speed limit changes and related information
    4. Roadway striping/lane use changes
    5. Parking restrictions
    6. Highway construction related work
    7. County and local road inquires

NJDOT cannot enter a town and make changes in their jurisdiction without the town's consent.
Should the issue fall under NJDOT's jurisdiction, the local officials will forward a direct request to the appropriate NJDOT staff for an investigation on behalf of the municipality.

To locate your town's web site:

    • Go to
    • type your town name followed by NJ
    • refer to your town's "Contact Us" web page.

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