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Program Standard

This section of the “Program Documents Standards and Procedures” introduces the State of New Jersey Department of Transportation’s (NJDOT) Office of Fixed Guideway Safety Security Oversight Agency (FGSSOA or SSOA), its authority, organization, and designated point-of contact, as well as the “Rail Transit Agency” (RTA) or “Rail Fixed Guideway Public Transportation Systems” (RFGPTS) that are a part of the oversight program, the SSOA’s provisions regarding conflict of interest, and the definitions used by the SSOA in managing the program.

This document describes the NJDOT program for addressing regulations promulgated by the Federal Transportation Administration (FTA), and the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) for those systems using shared track operations. These regulations establish minimum requirements for safety and security programs at each RTA/RFGPTS within the state’s jurisdiction. The Program Standard identifies the processes and procedures an RTA must have in place to comply with the standard.

The SSOA according to 49 CFR Part 674 and New Jersey Administrative Code (N.J.A.C.) 16:53E develops and distributes a program standard governing each RTA operating in the State of New Jersey. This program standard and any referenced program procedures or processes must be submitted to the FTA as per 49 CFR Part 674.25 (a).

The new State Safety Oversight (SSO) final rule, 49 CFR Part 674, replaced the former SSO rule at 49 CFR Part 659, and significantly strengthens each state’s authority and responsibility for overseeing safety at the rail fixed guideway public transportation systems (RFGPTS) within its boundaries.

The program standard specified in 49 CFR Part 674.27 requires nine sections:

  • Section 1: Program Management
  • Section 2: Program Standard Development
  • Section 3: Program Policy and Objectives
  • Section 4: Oversight of Agency Safety Plans and RFGPTS Internal Safety Reviews
  • Section 5: Triennial SSO Program Audits
  • Section 6: Accident Notification
  • Section 7: Accident Investigation
  • Section 8: Corrective Actions
  • Section 9: Annual Reporting

NJDOT Rail Transit State Safety Oversight (SSO) Program Standard (SSOPS) (pdf 11.6m)

NJDOT Rail Transit State Safety Oversight (SSO) Program Standard – Appendices
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