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NJDOT Geographic Information Systems

GIS Data

Milepost Dataset

This geodatabase of milepost locations was developed using the NJ Roadway Network. It shows milepost locations in tenths of a mile along the state highways in New Jersey. It was developed for use with ESRI’s geographic information systems application.

Milepost Dataset (Personal Geodatabase, zip 1.7m)

Milepost Dataset (Shapefile, zip 2.1m)

National Spatial Reference System

The National Geodetic Survey (NGS) defines and manages the National Spatial Reference System, which determines position, height, distance, gravity, and shoreline throughout the United States. The referencing data is collected via several networks.

The Federal Base Network (FBN) is a nationwide network of permanently monumented stations providing precise spatial reference control. By integrating horizontal and vertical networks, the FBN enhances the national spatial framework for precise navigation, mapping, and resource management. View an interactive map.

The Continuously Operating Reference Stations (CORS) are GPS stations that provide carrier phase and code range measurements for real-time and post-processing differential correction. View an interactive map of US CORS locations.

Information at the National Geodetic Survey - CORS website.

New Jersey Roadway Network

The NJ Roadway Network file is the Official LRS for the New Jersey Department of Transportation. The file is a geodatabase that includes a linear referencing system that represents the public roadways in New Jersey. It was developed for use with ESRI’s geographic information systems applications and was structured to conform to the UNETRANS data model. The NJDOT data model reflects some of the key components of the UNETRANS model as outlined in the Transportation Data Models Analysis Report (pdf 2.5m).

The “NJ Roadway Network” is updated every calendar year. The database contains over 39,000 miles of roadway which includes Interstates, Toll routes, US routes, State routes, County routes, Local streets and Ramps.

For additional information on the “NJ Roadway Network”, refer to the metadata that is included with the file.

NJ Roadway Network (File Geodatabase, zip 25m)

NJ Roadway Network (Shapefile, zip 34.5m)

USGS Gauge

The United States Geological Survey (USGS) and NJDOT have partnered to provide the New Jersey Tide Telemetry System. Links to the New Jersey Tidal and Streamflow gauges (146 sites) can be found at the USGS Water Resources for New Jersey.

Additional USGS NJ NWISWeb Data can be found at USGS.
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