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Research Procurement

In compliance with the Uniform Administrative Guidance 2 CFR 200, state agencies awarding federal aid are required to ďevaluate each sub recipientís risk of noncompliance with Federal Statutes and regulationsĒ. Effective 7/1/2016 all Institutions of Higher Education having a basic agreement with NJDOT must complete and submit a completed Risk Prequalification Assessment Form (pdf 388k) as a requirement for tasks or activities being conducted on behalf of NJDOT. This shall be renewed annually.

Please note that for all future RFP proposal submissions, Principal Investigators will be required to complete an additional project specific Pre-award Risk Assessment form Exhibit A (pdf 175k). Thank for your continued participation in the NJDOT Research program.

Request for Proposals

Universities that have a signed and executed Basic Agreement may respond to the following Request for Proposals (RFPs).

  • Questions and Answers populated if provided or needed.
  • E-mail RFP question(s)
  • Specify "RFP Number xxxx question" in subject line. E-mail is the preferred method of answering RFP questions and will expedite processing the request and posting the response. If e-mail access is unavailable, please contact the Bureau of Research at 609.530.5966.
  • Questions will be accepted up to two weeks prior to the proposal closing date.

Request for Proposals

RFP Number Posting
Project Description
(PDF sizes from 26k to 247k
unless otherwise noted)
2019-04 4/18/19
2019 National Summer Transportation Institute (NSTI) Proposal Announcement

2019-03 02/01/2019 Marketing Research for the Quantifiable Benefits of Transit in New Jersey   03/15/2019
2019-02 01/03/2019 Evaluation of Coefficients Related to Runoff from Roadway Projects   02/12/2019
2019-01 01/02/2019 21st Century Transportation Research Library   02/11/2019
2018-09 11/21/2018 Understanding the Transportation Mobility Needs for an Aging New Jersey Population   1/4/19
2018-08 9/10/18
Advanced Pothole Repair
2018-07 8/03/18
Advanced Reinforced Concrete Materials for Transportation Infrastructures
2018-06 8/03/18
Innovative Techniques and Materials for Preventing Concrete Shrinkage Cracking
2018-05 8/01/18
Safe Routes to School Support Program (Updated)
2018-04 8/01/18
Bicycle and Pedestrian Resource Center (Updated)
2018-03 7/18/18
Energy Harvesting on New Jersey Roadways
2018-02 7/6/18
Motor Carrier Safety Assistance Program (MCSAP) Grant Management Support (Updated)
2018-01 3/20/18
2018 National Summer Transportation Institute (NSTI) Youth Program Announcement

2017-09 10/16/17
Bachelorís Degree Graduate or Graduate Student Paid Internship in Division of Capital Investment Planning & Development Budget Analyst

NJDOT Intership Application
2017-08 6/19/17 REVISED
Bachelorís Degree Graduate or Graduate Student Paid Internship in Division of Capital Investment Planning & Development Budget Analyst

NJDOT Intership Application
2017-07 3/29/17 Evaluation of Precast Concrete Pavement Systems and Cast In-place   5/08/17
2017-05 3/09/17 Rail Freight Assistance Program Grant Application Revaluation

details below)
2017-04 11/3/16 2017 National Summer Transportation Institute (NSTI) Proposal Announcement

2017-03 10/20/16 Drone/Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) Regulations and Policies for Use in New Jersey   11/18/16
2017-02 10/3/16 Bridge Resource Program (BRP) 10/21/16
details below)
2017-01 9/7/16 Calibration/Development of Safety Performance Functions for New Jersey   10/7/16
2016-17 7/21/16 Intelligent Transportation Systems Resource Center (ITSRC)   8/26/16
2016-16 7/6/16 Traveler Information Application for Route 1 and Route 18 Corridors   8/5/16
2016-14 6/1/16 Real Time Traffic Signal System Performance Measurement   7/5/16
2016-13 6/1/16 Evaluation of Semi-Circular Bend Test for HMA Specialty Mixes (BRIC, High-Rap and HPTO)   7/5/16
2016-12 5/24/16 Demonstration of Research Web-based Program Management Tool

2016-11 5/2/16 Technology Transfer Program

Reference Documents:
details below)
2016-10 3/4/16 NY/NJ Harbor Contamination Assessment and Reduction Project

Questions and Answers
2016-09 2/17/16 Detection of Damage Precursors in Steel Components for Life-Cycle Assessment

Questions and Answers
(As of 3/24/16)

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