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Bank Change for ACH Credit Filer

On February 1, 2018 the official Banking Institution responsible for the State’s Electronic Banking Contract for Tax and UI\DI\FLI based ACH payment collection will change from Wells Fargo Bank to Citi Bank. The Division of Revenue and Enterprise Services notified ACH Credit Filers of the change by mail, and through direct telephone contact.

This communication represents final notice that the former account with Wells Fargo Bank will no longer be able to collect ACH Credit Payments on behalf of the State of New Jersey after April 30, 2018. Any payment made to the former bank account after April 30, 2018 will be rejected by Wells Fargo Bank.

If you have not already done so, please ensure that the Routing Transit and Bank Account Number to make ACH Credit payments to the State of New Jersey using Citi Bank are made.  

If you do not have the Routing Transit and Bank Account Number for the new account with Citi Bank, please contact the Division of Revenue and Enterprise Services at (609) 292-9292

Note: Incorrectly formatted addenda records are the most common cause of misapplied ACH credit payments.

The State of New Jersey’s ACH Credit payment program uses the CCD (Concentration or Disbursement) format; this format can be processed by all ACH-member banks. ACH credit transactions require you to enter all payment-related data in the ACH standard CCD+ format and TXP addenda record. We have included a list of approved addenda record formats for your convenience.

Last Updated: Thursday, 04/05/18

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