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Division of Revenue and Enterprise Services
E-Gov Services branch
The Branch is tasked with identifying, evaluating, and utilizing those technologies that would mimic the traditional processing of forms and applications with the goal of streamlining the processes and take advantage of increased efficiencies. The Branch presently manages electronic transactions of two types: the filing of individual income tax returns and certain business returns (ELF), and the payment of business taxes (EFT), e-check and credit card. The Division also manages bulk filing for NJ927,NJ927W,WR-30,W-2,W-3 and Sales Tax.

ElectronicFiling of Individual Income Tax Returns

The Fed/State Electronic Filing Program or e-file, provides for the filing of New Jersey Individual Income Tax Returns in an electronic format. It is fast and efficient and allows taxpayers to file whether they are due a refund, have a zero balance, or have a balance due.

For Individuals -

Taxpayers have two options in filing their returns electronically. You may prepare and send your own returns or you may have them done by a tax professional. Please read our Individual Filing Pagefor more information on these options.

For Tax Professionals -

Tax professionals, transmitters, and software developers that wish to participate must be registered with New Jersey. Practitioners that have not already registered with New Jersey and do not have a New Jersey address must file a registration form. You may download an
E-File Registration Form, complete it, and send it to the address on the form or fax it to the number on the form. You may download a copy of the current electronic filing see forms, or write to the Division and request a copy. You may wish to read a brief overview of the E-File program. The mailing address for requesting information is:
New Jersey Division of Revenue
E-File Unit
PO Box 191
Trenton, NJ 08646-0191
If any of the information relating to a company changes, it is the company's responsibility to notify the Division in writing of those changes. There is a separate page for software developers.

Electronic Funds Transfer

The Electronic Funds Transfer Program, EFT, provides for the payment of most New Jersey business taxes by either the ACH Debit or ACH Credit methods. P.L. 1992, c. 140 requires that business taxpayers with a liability of $10,000 or more in any one tax, must remit all taxes electronically in the following year. Businesses may also participate on a voluntary basis. EFT provides a safe, fast, and reliable method of meeting tax obligations in a timely fashion. You may want to review our program by reading EFT FAQs.

If your business reached the $10,000 threshold in any one tax last year, you should have received a notification and instructions from the Division. If you have not received them, you may write to the Division at the address that follows. If you did not reach the threshold, but wish to enroll on a voluntary basis, you may also write to the Division at: New Jersey Division of Revenue, PO Box 191 EFT Unit, Trenton, NJ 08646-0191. You may wish to read a brief overview of the EFT program.

E-File Requirements for Employers

Employers must file Wage Reports (Form WR-30) electronically or online. In addition, all employers may file their W-2s electronically.

Online WR30/NJ927 Filing for Employers

New Jersey employers may file their quarterly wage reports (WR30, NJ927, and NJ927W) over the Internet to a secure site. The advantages of this and other forms of electronic filing include increased accuracy, increased efficiency, and lower preparation and processing costs.  If you have already obtained a PIN, you may proceed to the Online WR-30 &/or NJ927 filing page.

Last Updated: Wednesday, 07/30/14

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