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The following are the general requirements and considerations for all filings affecting the public record. These include formation/authorization documents for a business entity, amendments to corporate filings, changes to registered agents and office, name reservations and alternate name filings, as well as merger and dissolution documents

Type or machine print all filings.

Pay the correct amount for each filing.   Fees may vary depending on the business entity structure. The amount payable is listed in the fee schedule and the form's instructions.

Choose a delivery/return method:

Regular mail -- If you are sending work in via regular mail, use the correct address and call number:

New Jersey Division of Revenue
Corporate Filing
PO Box 308
Trenton, NJ 08625-0308

All processed mail-in work will be returned via regular mail. Providing a self-addressed return envelope will speed processing. Be sure to indicate the return address if other than the registered office.

****Remember that it can take between 3 and 6 extra days for mail to reach the Division as well as to be received from the Division. This is because mail must first be processed through the State's central post office. Also, remember that mail turnaround time must be added to the document processing time required for regular mail-in work.

Expedited/Over-the-Counter -- If you are expediting a filing (8.5 business hour processing), make sure that you:

  • deliver the filing to 33 West State Street, 5rd Fl., Trenton, NJ 08608-1214, or have a courier/express mail service deliver to this address.
  • do not use USPS overnight delivery. This service does not deliver directly to our office.
  • add an expediting fee of $15.00 for each filing submitted by corporations, non-profits and LPs and $25.00 per filing by LLCs, LLPs, and FLPs --i.e., add $15.00 to the filing fee for corporations or add $25.00 to the filing fee by LLCs.
  • provide instructions as to how the filing is to be sent back to you. For regular mail, allow 3 to 6 extra days for receipt of processed work.

    For pick-up at 33 West State Street by a courier/express mail service-- be sure to provide package and completed air bill showing your name or company name (in the "to" and "from" blocks) and your account number. The state cannot pay for return by courier/express mail.

Remember that expedited processing entails review and acceptance or rejection of filing submissions. It does not include the return of work within 8.5 business hours unless the front desk pick-up option is chosen. Also, by law, the Treasurer is not bound by the 8.5 hour processing turnaround requirement in the event of computer downtime or other technical problems.

Fax Filing

Choose an acceptable payment method:

  • Check or money order payable to the Treasurer/State of New Jersey
  • Credit card options are VISA/MASTER-CARD or DISCOVER. Be sure to provide the card number, expiration date and name/address of card,holder.
  • Depository account as assigned by the Treasurer
  • Cash
Provide the required number of copies. Generally, filings for profit businesses are submitted in duplicate and non-profit filings are done in triplicate.
Last Updated: Wednesday, 07/30/14

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