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Apostilles and Certifications attest to the legal status of New Jersey Notary Public’s and selected public officials, such as Superior Court judges, County Clerks, and the State Registrar of Vital Statistics. They are often used in transactions involving international document exchange, including adoption transactions. An Apostille is provided if the transaction involves a country that subscribes to the Hague Convention.

If the document is going to a country that does not appear on the Hague Convention list, a certification of the public official will be provided by this office. However, an additional step may be required. It is advisable to contact officials in the receiving country or visit the U.S. Department of State website for further information.

Apostilles/Certifications issued by the New Jersey Department of the Treasury, Division of Revenue are one-page, 8.5 x 11 documents with a color laser print of the Great Seal of the State of New Jersey and the signature of the New Jersey State Treasurer. Apostilles/Certifications are affixed to the signature page of the submitted document with staples. Do not remove apostille or certification once it is attached.

How to obtain Apostille/Certification:

  • Submit the original or certified copy of the document bearing the original notarization or certification by the public official.

    Please note: Vital records (birth, marriage, divorce, death, etc.) from January 1, 1901 forward, must be obtained from the NJ Department of Health, Bureau of Vital Statistics (609.292.4087). The Division of Revenue cannot authenticate signatures of New Jersey Municipal/County Registrars. Vital records issued before January 1, 1901 must be obtained from the New Jersey State Archives. (Out of State vital records must be authenticated in the State of Origin, unless notarized by a valid NJ notary public).

    *Documents notarized by a NJ Notary Public must be submitted with the original signature (inked) of the NJ Notary Public AND the original signature (inked) of the person who presented the document for the notarization (i.e.-NJ Notary Public must witness a signature).

  • Complete the Apostille/Certificate of Authentication Request Form
    For requests submitted by regular mail or courier service.

  • Attach documents to be authenticated to the Apostille/Certificate of Authentication Request Form.

  • Include applicable fees and mail-back material with the Apostille/Certificate of Authentication Request Form

Service Options:

Processing Type Fee Fee for Adoption Processing Time (excludes mail-in-time)
Regular Processing $25.00 per document $5 per document Typically 15 business days from date of receipt. This time frame is not guaranteed and may be longer based upon the number of requests received.
Next day-Expedited $40.00 per document
($25 plus $15 expedited fee)
$20 per document 8.5 business hours from date/time of receipt
Two-Hour Expedited
$525.00 per document $505 per document 2-hours of receipt (must be submitted over-the-counter by 2:15)
One-Hour Expedited
$1,025.00 per document $1,005 per document 1-hour of receipt (must be submitted over-the-counter by 3:15)

Submission Options:

Regular Mail*
Courier Service*
State of New Jersey
Division of Revenue
PO Box 452
Trenton, NJ 08646
State of New Jersey
Division of Revenue
33 West State Street, 5th Floor
Trenton, NJ 08608
Attn: Notary Unit
State of New Jersey
Division of Revenue
33 West State Street, 5th Floor
Trenton, NJ 08608
Expedited requests received by regular mail ensures one day processing from date of receipt. CAUTION if using Priority or Express Mail from the United States Postal Service. The USPS does not deliver to or pick up from State Buildings. The delivery time frame is the same as that of “regular mail”. Hours of Operation: Weekdays only (excluding holidays) 8:30-4:30

Please Note:
All regular and expedited work will be returned by regular mail unless other arrangements are made. Using regular mail for returning processed work may add several work days to the overall turnaround time for expedited transactions. In light of this, customers may opt to have their work returned via **courier service. If this option is selected, the work request must include a completed air bill showing the customer as the sender and bill-to party.

Last Updated: Wednesday, 07/30/14

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