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PAYROLL COMPANIES AND SOFTWARE DEVELOPERS can use the Division of Revenue's web site to review various alternative-reporting methods currently available. These alternatives will either reduce or eliminate the use of paper and will also reduce errors. Some of these options are:

The Employer Report of Wages Paid (WR-30) and the W-2 reporting forms can be submitted on Secure File Transfer (SFTP).

The form NJ-EFW2, Specifications for Reporting W-2 Information Via Electronic Filing can be obtained from the Division of Taxation's web site.

The WR-30 form and the employer's quarterly Report (NJ927) may also be submitted Online by using the PIN# assigned to each employer.

Beginning with tax year 2012, filers will now have the option to submit the NJ-W3 annual reconciliation electronically, Prior to tax year 2010, filers had the ability to electronically file the W2, but had to mail the paper NJ-W3 form to the Division of Taxation.

Tax payments may be made electronically through the Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) Program. Frequently asked question page (FAQ) is available to simplify understanding EFT procedures.

Our web site provides overviews and specifications for creating and/or making transactions in an electronic format. Data regarding the filing of returns, business and individual, and making of payments can be found in these pages. Information about the Fed/State E-File Program for individual income tax forms (e-file) is also available.

Last Updated: Wednesday, 07/30/14

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