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Division of Revenue and Enterprise Services
This unit is responsible for the initial processing of all State tax returns, license and registration applications, and the depositing of accompanying revenue. The unit also receives, sorts, and routes general correspondence concerning tax matters for the Division of Taxation and billing notices for various State agencies.

Incoming documents and checks are extracted from their envelopes and reviewed for completeness by the Remittance and Document Processing Sections. These documents and checks are then prepared and routed to the appropriate area for additional processing by one of three methods: remittance processing devices, digital image scanners, or traditional data entry.

Image-enabled remittance processors create a digitized image of the documents and remittances, read specific information encoded on the document and check, read hand-written information from the documents, and balance the amount due to the amount paid. Over 3.3 million returns and checks, and 4.4 million licenses and registrations were processed through remittance processing devices during fiscal year 1998.

Gross Income Tax returns and Homestead Property Tax Rebate applications are processed through full-page digital imaging scanners. Intelligent Character Recognition devices read information from hand-printed returns and information entered into a machine-readable area generated by commercial tax preparation software packages. Over 3 million returns were processed through this system during the last tax season. This represents 90% of all Gross Income Tax returns received by the Division. Enhancements will continue to be made so that other type documents will be scanned through the Document Processing System.

The Data Capture Section performs verification or correction of information not recognized through the automated process of Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR) and performs traditional data entry of those items requiring this method of processing. After processing activities are completed, all remittances are prepared for deposit and the revenue is recorded into the New Jersey Comprehensive Financial System (NJCFS) through an automated interface or through on-line entries.

In fiscal year 1998, this unit received and processed over 8.7 million tax returns and documents with associated revenue of $14 billion.

Last Updated: Wednesday, 07/30/14

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