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Division of Revenue and Enterprise Services
Revenue Management is primarily responsible for managing all the functions as they relate to the proper accounting and reporting of statewide revenue. It is also responsible for developing and maintaining a statewide system and policy for accounts receivable and case management, which is in full compliance with Government GAAP.

Accounts Receivable is responsible for all revenue deposited by the Division of Revenue. It records the transactions in the New Jersey Comprehensive Financial System (NJCFS) and reconciles the NJCFS accounts with the bank deposits. Also, this unit processes dishonored checks and updates records so that the feeder systems can be updated and corrected to indicate that no payment occurred.

Revenue Accounting accounts for all revenues deposited by the Division of Revenue. It reconciles all revenues with the State's financial system, disburses revenues allocated to county or local tax jurisdictions, processes tax payments for electronic invoices and smaller taxpayer base taxes that are not processed through the Division's mainframe computer system, and records all dishonored checks against tax payments processed by the Division.

The Dishonored Check Unit is the final step in the accounting system of processing remittances that have been dishonored or otherwise unpaid by the makers' banks. It also serves as the first step in processing replacement funds and adjusting taxpayers' accounts. If you have a question about a dishonored check you can call (609) 292-7271. (Please have your taxpayer ID number, tax type, return period, and amount ready when you call.)

The Alternate Filing Branch is responsible for non-traditional methods of filing forms and making payments. The Branch administers both the Electronic Filing Program (ELF) for filing individual income tax returns and the Electronic Funds Transfer Program (EFT) for making various payments by businesses including, but not limited to, tax payments.

The Treasurer of the State of New Jersey serves as the primary information repository for the State's business, legal and financial communities. Through the Commercial Recording Unit of the Division of Revenue, the Treasurer administers a wide variety of public records services ranging from corporate filing to Uniform Commercial Code filing and debtor searching.

Client Registration has the responsibility of maintaining registration information on all businesses and individuals that are required by law to report and pay taxes in the State of New Jersey. The unit is also responsible for registration related activities such as issuing licenses and certificates. The tax eligibility information that is maintained on the registration file facilitates the identification of taxpayers who fail to file required returns and mailing return forms and notices to taxpayers.

The Business Services Branch is also involved with the Governor's 'One Stop Shopping' initiative. The New Jersey Business Gateway Service web site now includes several online filing and data delivery services

Last Updated: Thursday, 01/29/15

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