State Agriculture Retention and Development Act
Right to Farm Act 

Garden State Preservation Trust Act 

State Transfer of Development Rights Act

State Transfer of Development Rights Bank Act


Rules -- N.J.A.C. 2:76 (With permission of LexisNexis)

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Subchapter 1  Agricultural Development Areas
Subchapter 2  Right to Farm
Subchapter 2A  Agricultural Management Practices: Generally Accepted Operations and Practices
Subchapter 2B  Supplemental Agricultural Activities
Subchapter 3  Creation of Farmland Preservation Programs
Subchapter 4  Creation of Municipally Approved Farmland Preservation Programs
Subchapter 5 

Soil and Water Conservation Project Cost-Sharing

Subchapter 6  Acquisition of Development Easements
Subchapter 7  Review of Non-Agricultural Development Projects in Agricultural Development Areas
Subchapter 8  Acquisition of Farmland in Fee Simple
Subchapter 9  Emergency Acquisition of Development Easements
Subchapter 10  Appraisal Handbook Standards
Subchapter 11  Committee Acquisition of Farmland Development Easements
Subchapter 12  Nonprofit Acquisition Projects: Project Eligibility, Conditions and Limitations
Subchapter 13  Nonprofit Acquisition Projects: Application Process
Subchapter 14  Nonprofit Acquisition Projects: Award Criteria
Subchapter 15  Nonprofit Acquisition Projects: Determination of Eligible Land Cost
Subchapter 16  Nonprofit Acquisition Projects: Project Agreement, Negotiations for Purchase of Project Site, Disbursements, Accounting and Recordkeeping Requirements
Subchapter 17  County Planning Incentive Grants
Subchapter 17A  Municipal Planning Incentive Grants
Subchapter 18  Agricultural Mediation Program
Subchapter 19  Valuation of Development Easements in the Pinelands Area
Subchapter 20  Farmland Stewardship Program
Subchapter 21  Administrative Grants to Counties
Subchapter 22   Special Permit for Commercial Nonagricultural Activity on Preserved Farmland
Subchapter 23  Special Permit for Installation of Personal Wireless Facility on Preserved Farmland
Subchapter 24 Solar Energy Generation on Preserved Farms
Policies - Farmland Preservation

P-3-B Property Surveys
P-3-B Supp.  Property Surveys -- Supplemental Information
P-5-A Payment of Cost-Share Grants to County Agriculture Development Boards for Eligible Ancillary Costs
P-6-C Appraiser Selection and Retention Guidelines
P-8 Preparing Recordable Agreements


Prioritization of Project Areas and Individual Applications

P-23A Valuation of Permitted Exceptions

Delineation of Hydrologically Limited Areas

P-30-A Division of Permanently Preserved Farmland
P-31 Exercising a Residual Dwelling Site Opportunity
P-32 Interpretation of the Deed of Easement Restrictions
P-34 Pesticide Re-registration Trials on Restricted Farmland
P-35 Processing Closing Documents for the Purchase of a Development Easement on Farmland
P-38 Prioritization of Planning Incentive Grant Project Areas and Applications
P-39 Valuation of Development Easements in the Pinelands
P-41 Access to Exception Areas
P-46 SADC Cost Share Funding on Interest in Land Acquired Through the Use of Condemnation
P-47 Highlands Appropriation Expenditures
P-48 Soil and Water Conservation Cost-Share Program, State Cost-Share Funding and Application Prioritization
P-49 Placement of Septic Systems to Service Residential and Agricultural Uses Located on Exception Areas (effective 9/27/07)
P-50 Transition From Existing Farmland Preservation Program Rules To New And Amended Rules Governing Farmland Preservation Program Procedures
P-51  Construction of Stormwater Management Facilities to Service Residential and Agricultural Uses Located on Exception Areas

Policies - Right to Farm

P-2 Conflict Resolution Public Hearing Guidelines for CADBs
P-3 (PDF)
P-3 (Word)
Guidelines for the Development and Recommendation of Site-Specific Agricultural Management Practices ("AMPs") by CADBs
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