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January 1997 (Vol 9 No 1)



State of New Jersey
Department of Environmental Protection
Division of Responsible Party Site Remediation
PO Box 413
Trenton, New Jersey 08625-0413

Senior Editor

Donna Marie Zalis

Editorial Review Board

Ron Corcory, Barry Frasco, Linda Grayson, Wayne Howitz, George King, George Klein, Kevin Kratina, Ed Putnam, Dave Sweeney, and Bob Van Fossen.

Graphics Support

Kathy DiGregorio

Contributing Writers

Sharon McLelland, Nate Byrd, Rob Schrader, John Prendergast, Nancy Hamill, Edward Demarest, and Michael Tompkins.

General Information:

  • The Site Remediation News is published by the Program Support Element.

    State of New Jersey
        Christine Todd Whitman, Governor
    Department of Environmental Protection
        Robert C. Shinn, Jr., Commissioner
    Site Remediation Program
    PO Box 028
    Trenton, New Jersey 08625-0028

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