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November 1997 (Vol 9 No 3)

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Technical Rule Clarification

States Join Forces to Break Down Barriers to the Use of Innovative Technologies

How to Get a Copy of Departmental Rules

The Low-Down on Low Flow

Resources Available for Electronic Data Submittals

Homeowner's Guide to Cleaning Up Heating Oil Discharges

General Information About Site Remediation News

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This is the last issue of Site Remediation News to have its print edition mailed out using our old mailing list. We are encouraging you to use our web page to access the newsletter.

If you would still like to receive a paper copy of the newsletter, please fill out the Web form below and submit it. If your browser doesn't support forms, email your name and mailing information to srpweb@dep.state.nj.us.

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State of New Jersey
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Senior Editor

  Donna Marie Zalis

Editorial Review Board

  Ron Corcory, Barry Frasco, Linda Grayson, Wayne Howitz, George King, George Klein, Kevin Kratina, Ed Putnam, Dave Sweeney, and Bob Van Fossen.

Graphics Support

  Kathy DiGregorio

Contributing Writers

  Susan Boyle, Brian Sogorka, Greg Giles, Jeff Story and Janine MacGregor.

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