Frequently Asked Questions

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Does the Broker of Record need to wait until ALL licensees submit their questionnaire before submitting the company, branch offices, or licensees who've already completed their questionnaire for license renewal?

No, a Broker of Record can submit the company, branch offices and any licensees who've already completed their questionnaire at any time. A Broker of Record can return to the NJDOBI online renewal process and submit remaining licenses for renewal as many times as necessary. Any licenses not submitted for renewal by the Broker will remain on the Broker's renewal list for submission at a later time. As licensees complete their questionnaire, they will become eligible for renewal on the Broker of Record's renewal list.

Can my Broker of Record (or anyone else) submit my Qualifying Questionnaire for me?

No, I am responsible and will be held accountable for completing and submitting my own online Questionnaire.
(please note: the questions on the actual questionnaire may differ from those on the sample pages)

I am a Broker of Record running 3 companies. Do I need to fill out my Qualifying Questionnaire 3 times (once for each company)?

No. A Broker of Record for multiple companies will only need to submit his/her Qualifying Questionnaire one time.  Once you complete your Questionnaire, you will be able to access the online renewal for each of your companies. This includes the company, branch offices and employee licenses per company (the renewal of each company must be submitted separately).

NOTE: The questionnaire is now a separate process from the renewal and is specific to the person, not the company.

I was just hired in June 2015. Does my license still need to be renewed by my Broker of Record?

YES. Even though you were just hired, if the Effective Date of your real estate license is before July 1st, 2015, your license needs to be renewed. Please note: You will be required to complete your on-line 2015 Qualifying Questionnaire before your Broker will be able to submit your license for renewal.