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The real estate online renewal has been enhanced to conform to our new real estate licensing system and continuing education regulations.  Though the basic renewal process has remained the same, there are two major changes of which you need to be aware:

1. The Qualifying Questionnaire

A new, online questionnaire is being implemented with the 2013 renewal. During the 2013 renewal period each real estate licensee is required to complete and submit their own, individual online questionnaire as a condition of their license renewal . This includes Employing Brokers, Brokers of Record, Brokersalespersons, Salespersons, and Referral Agents. No paper questionnaires will be accepted. Click here for more information on the Qualifying Questionnaire.

If you do not complete and submit your own online questionnaire, your Broker of Record will NOT be able to submit your real estate license for renewal and your real estate license will expire June 30th, 2013.

Based upon the type of NJ Real Estate license you hold, click on the appropriate link on the right column of this page to view detailed information and instructions regarding this year's online license renewal.

2. Continuing Education Requirements for License Renewal (brokers and salespersons only)

In order to qualify for license renewal, brokers, brokersalespersons and salespersons must complete 12 credits of Continuing Education. Click here for details.