Brokers of Record

** IF YOU DID NOT RENEW YOUR LICENSE(S) you should NOT be conducting real estate business **

There are two ways to login to your New Jersey Real Estate Online Licensing Services (OLS). The following two links will take you to the same place, your OLS menu.

The first link will allow you to login using your myNJ Portal account. This might be the easier option if you login on a consistent basis or have representative(s) login on your behalf. The second link allows you to login directly using your license reference number, last four digits of your social security number, and your date of birth.

    1. (login using your myNewJersey portal account)

    2. (login using your license reference number, last 4 digits of SSN, and date of birth)

For detailed information on the NJDOBI real estate licenses, click on the following link:

Brokers of Record and License Generation

The On-line Qualifying Questionnaire
An online qualifying questionnaire was implemented in May 2013. The questionnaire was modified to pertain to an individual and is no longer representative of both you AND all of your company's licensees as was the process prior to 2013. The answers you indicate on any qualifying questionnaire should be specific to you alone and pertain to you as an individual.

Please remember: the submission of a qualifying questionnaire DOES NOT activate, reinstate or renew your real estate license, it is simply a requirement for licensure.

Each licensee (individual) that you intend to hire, reinstate or renew will be required to complete and submit their own online questionnaire. This includes all Brokers of Record, Brokersalespersons, Salespersons, and Referral Agents. No paper questionnaires will be accepted.

Continuing Education Requirements
Each licensee (individual) that you intend to hire, reinstate or renew must have completed their Continuing Education requirement for the appropriate licensing period. This includes all Brokers of Record, Brokersalespersons and Salespersons.