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Announcements & Updates

Notice to parents:

  • The deadline to submit a student application for enrollment in a choice district in 2016-17 was December 1, 2015. You will need to contact Choice districts directly to find out if they accept late applications. Choice district applications are available on each district's website and must be submitted directly to the desired districts. The list of all participating Choice districts, a description of their programs and their available choice seats are posted on this website here.


For Parents and Students

Student eligibility and application process

All New Jersey students are eligible to become choice students, regardless of where they live in the state.  Students may attend a choice school in another district and county, however the school must be in an approved choice district.

To find the listing of approved choice districts, click on Find a Choice District.  Students who want to attend a choice school must contact the district directly to find out if it has openings and in what grade levels and to get its choice application. The application must be submitted directly to the desired choice district.

To learn about how to apply, click on Student Application Process. The application deadline for 2016-17 is December 1, 2015.

Choice students cannot be selected on the basis of academic aptitude, athletic ability, behavior record, English language proficiency, or any basis prohibited by law. A choice district that offers a special program with a particular focus may evaluate prospective students on their interest in the program and must use the same enrollment criteria used for the resident students.

Student enrollment preference

Students who have attended their resident district public school in the year before enrollment in a choice district are given enrollment preference. These students are considered to be Tier 1 choice applicants. Depending on the choice district, other enrollment preferences may apply. Inquire with the choice district to find out what application preferences may be given. Student applicants fall into one of 3 categories: Tier 1 or Tier 2, or those with special enrollment preference.

A Tier 1 student must be enrolled in a NJ public school in his or her resident school district for the entire year immediately preceding enrollment in a choice district. Charter school students are considered to be Tier 1. If applying for kindergarten, a student must be attending  a free public preschool in his or her resident district, or, if that district does not offer a free public preschool, the student must have a sibling currently attending the choice district. Choice districts must first fill their available seats with Tier 1 students. If the number of Tier 1 applications exceeds the number of choice seats available, the choice district must hold a lottery to randomly select students.

Tier 2 students include NJ residents who have not attended their resident public school for the entire year immediately prior to enrollment in the desired choice district and do not otherwise meet the requirements for Tier 1. Choice districts are not obligated to accept Tier 2 students. If a choice district accepts Tier 2 applicants, they may do so only after all of the qualified Tier 1 applicants have been accepted. If the number of Tier 2 applications exceeds the number of choice seats available, the choice district must hold a lottery to select students. Parents should contact their desired choice district or visit their website to find out if it accepts Tier 2 applications.

Special enrollment preference may be given to students in the following circumstances: 1) students who have siblings currently attending the choice district; 2) choice students who have completed the terminal grade of the sending district (i.e., students who attend a choice district with grades that terminate before 12th grade and with a natural progression to another choice district); and 3) resident students of the choice district who move out of the district during the course of the school year and want to remain in the district in the next year. If any of these circumstances apply to your student, please contact the choice district you are interested in attending to confirm their policies.


Transportation of choice students is not guaranteed. To be eligible for transportation services, a student must live within 20 miles of the school.  If the cost of transportation will exceed $884, the parent/guardian will be given $884 as aid in lieu of transportation or, in some cases, the option of receiving the transportation and paying the additional amount over $884. By Aug. 1, 2015, parents should receive notification of their transportation options from the resident district. For more information, read the Transportation Procedures for choice students.

Interdistrict Public School Choice Program
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