Amina is a beautiful and truly remarkable little girl. Amina loves and responds to music. Sing her a song and engage her with her favorite toy which plays music with accompanying vibrations.  She does have limited vision but is very responsive with her caregivers.  Amina suffers from global developmental delays; a result of trauma in her infancy.  She sits well with support and has GT tube for nutrition; however feeding therapy has begun.  She is non-verbal but can communicate her needs through crying or positioning of her body.

Amina is currently in a medical setting but can be transitioned into a home environment.  She will need a family who is experienced with caring for a child with her medical needs or be willing to be trained in her care.  This would necessitate trips to her medical setting in New Jersey for visitation and trainings.

For more information, EMAIL or call 1-800-99 ADOPT.

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