Bianca and Cianni

Bianca is a beautiful and outgoing girl. Her favorite place is the mall and like most girls her age she enjoys spending time with friends. She also enjoys spending time playing basketball and singing. Bianca does very well academically, receiving mostly A’s and B’s.

Cianni is an adorable and energetic girl. She loves to play outdoors riding her scooter or playing ball.  She enjoys the spot light and loves to show off her handstands and flips whenever an opportunity presents itself. Like her big sister Cianni too does well academically, receiving mostly A’s and B’s.

Bianca and Cianni are hoping for a forever family who are sports enthusiasts because this sister pair have aspirations of one day being in the starting lineup for the WNBA.  The ideal forever family should be supportive and nurturing, while setting clear boundaries and structure. Both Bianca and Cianni have the potential to blossom further with the love of the right forever family.

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