Foster and Adoption Services
Right now, there are thousands of New Jersey children who need the warmth and guidance of a family. Many parents are welcoming these children into their homes to provide safety, stability and love. These wonderful people are New Jersey's foster and adoptive families.
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Foster families provide a home for children who have been abandoned, neglected or abused. These children are in need of nurturing families who will help them heal and grow.
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Many children are in need of a forever family as they are unable to be reunited with their birth parents. Being an adoptive parent can change a child's life forever, as well as bringing joy and fulfillment to your family.
Relatives, families and friends are often the best place for children who have been removed from their birth parents. These Kinship caregivers are known to a child and can often ease the trauma of separating from a birth parent by providing a safe nurturing environment.
Featured Child
NJ Foster Scholars
Featured Child: Susan NJ Foster Scholars
Meet Susan
Susan is a fun, loving, happy-go-lucky, petite young lady. She is affectionately known as Susie. She adorns her hair with pigtail braids like "Pipi Long Stocking" and enjoys having age appropriate books, like Dr. Seuss read to her.
Donate funds to help a youth transitioning from foster care, or a recently adopted teen, pay for a college education.