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Office of The Attorney General
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Division of Alcoholic Beverage Control
Division of Consumer Affairs
Division of Criminal Justice
Division on Civil Rights
Division of Gaming Enforcement
Division of Highway Traffic Safety
Office of the Insurance Fraud Prosecutor
Juvenile Justice Commission
Division of Law
NJ Racing Commission
State Athletic Control Board
Division of NJ State Police
Victims of Crime Compensation Office
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These divisions and independent agencies listed below are under the direction of the Attorney General.

Division and Independent Agency Summaries -
Division Summaries -
Division of Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC)
Division on Civil Rights (DCR)
Division of Consumer Affairs (DCA)
Division of Criminal Justice (DCJ)
Division of Gaming Enforcement (DGE)
Division of Highway Traffic Safety (HTS)
Division of Law (DOL)
Juvenile Justice Commission (JJC)
Office of the Insurance Fraud Prosecutor (OIFP)
Racing Commission (NJRC)
State Athletic Control Board (SACB)
Division of State Police (NJSP)
Victims of Crime Compensation Office (VCCO)
Independent Agency Summaries -
Election Law Enforcement Commission (ELEC)
State Ethics Commission (SEC)
Division Summaries -

Division of Alcoholic Beverage Control
Web site

The division regulates and licenses the manufacture, distribution, sale and transportation of all alcoholic beverages and enforces such laws within the state and oversees the municipal licensing of retail sales.


Division on Civil Rights Web site

The division administers and enforces the state’s Law Against Discrimination. The law guarantees equal opportunities in employment and equal access to housing, places of public accommodation and credit without regard to race, creed, color, national origin, ancestry, sex, marital status, sexual orientation or disability. The division also administers the New Jersey Family Leave Act and the state’s statute prohibiting discrimination in employment on public contracts.


Division of Consumer Affairs Web site

The division polices the commercial marketplace and protects customers and businesses from dishonest business practices. The division enforces the Consumer Fraud Act and administers 56 professional and occupational licensing boards, the Office of Consumer Protection, the Office of Enforcement, the Bureau of Securities, the Office of Weights and Measures, the Charitable Registration Unit and the Legalized Games of Chance Control Commission.


Division of Criminal Justice Web site

The division exercises the responsibilities and powers of the Attorney General by enforcing criminal law and prosecuting criminal activity in the state. The division coordinates and provides the leadership to the 21 county prosecutors and other law enforcement agencies that is necessary to achieve uniformity in the New Jersey criminal justice system.


Division of Gaming Enforcement Web site

The division investigates applicants seeking casino and casino-related licenses. The division reviews and audits casino operations and investigates and prosecutes all violations of the Casino Control Act.


Division of Highway Traffic Safety Web site

The division develops and administers grants for programs that are designed to ensure safety on all New Jersey highways. Implemented by government agencies, corporations and community and volunteer groups, the division’s programs focus on enforcement, education and public information.


Division of Law Web site

The division serves as legal counsel for all state government departments and agencies. The division is responsible for all pending state legal matters, including administrative hearings, appeals and cases in state and federal trial courts. The division also responds to hundreds of government requests for legal advice each day.


Juvenile Justice Commission Web site

The commission develops and implements strategies for the punishment and rehabilitation of juvenile offenders. The commission is responsible for the planning, policy development and facility operations of the juvenile justice system. In addition, the agency provides a continuum of services, including prevention, intervention, incarceration, education and aftercare.


Office of the Insurance Fraud Prosecutor
Web site

The mission of the Office of the Insurance Fraud Prosecutor (OIFP) is to conduct full and fair investigations to ensure successful criminal prosecutions, civil adjudications, licensing sanctions or other appropriate dispositions and to serve as the focal point for the coordination of all anti-insurance fraud activities statewide.

OIFP serves as the focal point for all criminal, civil and administrative prosecutions of Medicaid and insurance fraud. The Office also coordinates all insurance-related anti-fraud activities of State and local departments and agencies.


New Jersey Racing Commission Web site

The commission oversees New Jersey’s seven thoroughbred and harness track associations and regulates racing at the state’s five racetracks. The commission licenses participants, allocates racing dates, regulates pari-mutuel takeout, supervises veterinary examinations and conducts comprehensive drug testing of racing participants and horses.


State Athletic Control Board
Web site

Protects the safety and well being of all participants and promotes public confidence and trust in the regulatory process and conduct of public boxing and other combatative sports.


Division of State Police Web site

The division conducts criminal investigations, enforces traffic laws on interstate highways, provides forensic laboratory services to local law enforcement agencies and protects life and property on coastal and inland waters. In addition, the division provides police protection and services for rural communities throughout the state and is also authorized to enforce county and municipal laws. The State Police Superintendent serves as Director of Emergency Management.


The board assists victims of violent crime who have suffered personal injuries. The board compensates innocent victims for nonreimbursable medical expenses and loss of earnings incurred as a result of crime-related injuries. In the case of the death of the victim, compensation may be paid for funeral expenses and loss of support to dependents of the deceased victim.



Independent Agency Summaries -

Election Law Enforcement Commission

Administers and enforces laws requiring disclosure of campaign contributions and expenditures made by candidates and organizations participating in state, county and local elections. The commission also regulates lobbyists and may accept and institute complaints, issue subpoenas, conduct investigations, issue advisory opinions, levy civil penalties, and forward to prosecuting officials evidence of willful and knowing violations.


State Ethics Commission

The commission administers and enforces the New Jersey Conflict of Interest Law. The commission has jurisdiction over state officers and employees in the executive branch and is authorized to initiate, receive, hear and review complaints, as well as conduct investigations and hold hearings.


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