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Just for Kids
Harvest Facts and Figures

Just For Kids

Learn more about New Jersey Seafood


By the Sea is an activity book with a lot of information, word scrambles, crosswords, coloring pages, and many other fun things to do to find out more about fish and fishing in New Jersey. Download the book or contact to receive a copy.






Find the items that don't belong in the picture

Design your own wampum

Color the boat and name the different kinds of fish and shellfish

Color the boat, sea and fish

Seafood name scramble

Color the fish

Put the pattern on the koi

Color the filter feeders

Color the trout and catfish

Aquaculture crossword puzzle

Color the Oyster Toadfish and Monkfish

Color the Armored Sea Robin

Color the crab

Make a seashell collection container

Color a flounder

Color the flounder to match the background

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