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Correctional Police Officer Recruitment

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The mission of the New Jersey Department of Corrections is advancing public safety and promoting successful reintegration in a dignified, safe, secure, rehabilitative, and gender-informed environment, supported by a professional, trained, and diverse workforce, enhanced by community engagement.

Dedication, Honor, Integrity

The New Jersey State Correctional Police Officer is responsible for ensuring the custody, safety, and care of incarcerated individuals confined in State correctional facilities. Join the ranks of the largest law enforcement agency in New Jersey, working to improve safety in our communities.


  • To provide public safety and security through the custody and management of those individuals incarcerated within the criminal justice system.
  • To ensure the safety and welfare of the staff and incarcerated population.
  • To assist in the rehabilitative efforts for those incarcerated individuals returning to the community.
  • To promote public support for the operation and objectives of the Department of Corrections.

Salary and Compensation
Correctional Police Officer’s Salary starts at $48,000 with the potential to earn in excess of $120,000. Annual uniform allowance of $2,200.00 paid semiannually.

Tuition Aid Program is available.

Health benefits are provided through the State Health Benefits Program, Dental Care, Eye Care, membership in the Police and Firemen’s Retirement System (PFRS), and Life Insurance Benefits.

Time Off and Sick Leave
NJDOC provides generous vacation and sick leave options, including:

State Holidays: 13 days
Vacation Time:

  • One working day of vacation for each month of employment during the first calendar year of employment
  • 12 working days of vacation, 1-5 years of service
  • 15 working days of vacation, 6-12 years of service
  • 20 working days of vacation, 13-20 years of service
  • 25 working days of vacation after 20th year of service

Administrative Leave Days: Three days of administrative leave of absence pay in each calendar year

Sick Leave: Accumulation of sick leave as earned on the basis of 1 day per month of service. Permanent employees starting with the second year of service are entitled to 15 days of sick leave.

Military Service Leave


  • Education: High school diploma or its equivalent. Candidates must read and write English sufficiently to perform the duties of the position;
  • Age: Minimum of 18 years of age;
  • Citizenship: Must be a citizen of the United States;
  • License: Candidates will be required to possess a valid New Jersey driver’s license. Candidates for this position must be eligible to possess a firearm in accordance with State and Federal laws;
  • Background: Investigation of candidates’ employment history, driving history, domestic violence history, and criminal history are conducted; and
  • Medical: Candidates will be given a thorough medical and psychological examination. They must provide urine samples for analysis to determine drug use.

Pre-Employment Processing
A candidate will receive notice from the Department of Corrections to report for pre-employment processing, which consists of the following:

Phase 1 - Completion of an employment application, computer background check, and fingerprinting for a background investigation. Completion of a Pre-Employment Preparation Program, utilizing the NJ Police Training Commission Physical Training Assessment Requirements, listed below.

Phase 2 - Background investigation that includes personal interviews and visits to your residence and/or place of work to include reference checks.

Phase 3 - When vacancies occur, those candidates who have successfully completed Phases 1 and 2 will be notified to report for Phase 3 processing which includes the following: A medical exam (e.g. blood, vision, hearing test, chest x-ray, and EKG) and an online psychological examination and interview by a psychologist.

Candidates who pass the previously noted requirements will be appointed as Correctional Police Officer Apprentice and will be required to satisfactorily complete a 19-week, in-residence NJ Police Training Commission course at the Correctional Staff Training Academy. While in training, candidates will be paid bi-weekly based upon an annual salary of $43,000.

Those who successfully complete the training program will be appointed as Correctional Police Officer and will serve a one-year working test period. Upon satisfactory completion of the working test period, candidates will be promoted to Senior Correctional Police Officer and serve a four-month working test period. The academy training is comprised of three areas of training.

Physical Fitness
The Physical Education and Self-Defense Program emphasizes physical conditioning, which includes running and various strength building exercises.

NJ Police Training Commission Physical Training Assessment
24 pushups in 1 minute
28 sit-ups in one minute
15 inch vertical jump
300 meter run in 70.1 seconds
1.5 mile run in 15 minutes 55 seconds

The Academic portion of the Academy training will include a college-level course of studies such as psychological and sociological issues, Language and Communications skills, Criminal Law, Constitutional Issues, Correctional and Police Practice procedures, etc. There will be comprehensive examinations and written assignments.

Firearms Training
Firearms Training includes firearms safety and weapon qualifications.

Opportunity for Career Advancement
In addition to staffing nine facilities throughout the state, NJDOC has numerous positions for career advancement, including opportunities available to Senior Correctional Police:

  • Central Transportation
    • Interstate Transport Unit
    • Transportation Unit
    • Central Medical Unit
  • Division of Training, Recruitment, and Professional Development
    • Ceremonial Unit / Honor Guard Teams
    • Recruitment Unit
    • In-Service Training Unit
    • Correctional Staff Training Academy
  • Special Operations Group
    • Tactical Teams
    • Hazmat Unit
    • Firearms Unit
    • Emergency Management Unit
    • Critical Incident Negations Team
    • K-9 Unit
    • Designated Marksman Team
  • Special Investigations Division
    • Drug Interdiction Unit
    • Corrections Intelligence Center
    • Fugitive Unit
    • Technical Services Unit
    • Special Victims Unit

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