Request for Proposals for Update to Subchapter 3, NJ Uniform Fire Code

RFP Number: DFS-2017-0119  Department: Division of Fire Safety 
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The New Jersey Department of Community Affairs, Division of Fire Safety is seeking a proposal from a qualified agency or service to provide fire code and related standards expert services, analysis, guidance and/or code development, specifically:

Provision of code consulting services dealing with the preparation of a draft of the New Jersey Register rule proposal and final adoption for the updating of the current 2006 International Fire Code, New Jersey Edition to the 2015 International Fire Code, New Jersey Edition.



The vendor will be responsible to go through and review the 2015 International Fire Code and identify the changes that need to be made specific to New Jersey. This will be accomplished by utilizing the 2006 New Jersey Edition of the International Fire Code to compare and ensure all changes are incorporated, and a complete review of the 2015 International Fire Code will need to be conducted to ensure that all necessary New Jersey specific changes are made.

See Scope of Work at the following link:

Please see Bid_Opp_2015_IFC_NJ_Edition.pdf for complete details.  This file is also available in a Microsoft Word format: Bid_Opp_2015_IFC_NJ_Edition.doc




Friday, February 3, 2017




For more information, please contact:
Louis B Kilmer, Chief, Fire Safety 
609.633.6106 or

All bid submissions must include completed mandatory compliance forms.

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