Request for Proposal, Historic License Plate Marketing - Phase 2

RFP Number: 2017-2  Department: New Jersey Historic Trust
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The New Jersey Historic Trust is in but not of the Department of Community Affairs. Its mission is to advance historic preservation through education, stewardship and financial investment programs that save our heritage and strengthen our communities. In addition to its role as the primary provider of bricks and mortar grants to NJ’s historic properties, the Trust also administers the heritage tourism grant program funded by the Discover NJ History License Plate sales.    


The New Jersey Historic Trust is currently seeking proposals from qualified entities to develop a comprehensive marketing plan to increase the sales and renewals of the Discover New Jersey History license plates. This request for developing an expert marketing campaign is part of NJHT’s goal to successfully plan and fund future marketing efforts.

Please see RPF No. 2017-2 for complete details including scope, tasks, compliance requirements, and qualifications.

Please see Bid Opp 04.12.2017.pdf for complete details.  This file is also available in a Microsoft Word format: Bid Opp 04.12.2017.doc




Submission of bid closes on May 4, 2017 at 4pm




For more information, please contact:

Dorothy P. Guzzo, Executive Director

All bid submissions must include completed mandatory compliance forms.

Click on this link for mandatory compliance documents:

Click on this link for the Consolidated DPA Forms Packet.   

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