Request for Proposals for Service Sharing Manager

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The Department of Community Affairs is seeking to develop and implement a comprehensive program to encourage and facilitate service sharing among local governments in New Jersey. This effort is being led by two “czars” appointed by the governor and directed to identify and help implement a range of regionalization and service sharing projects in the state, as well as to identify long-term incentives to encourage regionalization and service sharing on an on-going basis.


The Department of Community Affairs is seeking proposals from consultants with experience in local government management, service sharing, and project management to help lead this effort.

Please see Service_Sharing_Manager_RFP.doc  for complete details. 
This file is also available in PDF format: Service_Sharing_Manager_RFP.pdf


4 pm on Wednesday, August 15, 2018.


For Questions or More Information, Please Contact:

Robert Long

All bid submissions must include completed mandatory compliance forms.

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