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Office of the Public Defender


Ongoing training of New Jersey Office of the Public Defender (NJOPD) employees helps ensure quality services to its clients.  Training is an integral part of the approach the NJOPD takes to providing the best possible representation of clients.  The NJOPD is a Certified Provider of Continuing Legal Education (CLE) credits by both the State of New Jersey and the State of Pennsylvania.  Through reciprocity with Pennsylvania, attorneys may also satisfy CLE requirements for other jurisdictions such as New York. In-house CLE training by the NJOPD is free of cost to attendees and covers both traditional and emerging topics in the legal profession and skills training for both staff and, when space permits, pool attorneys. Training is also formalized for NJOPD investigators and support staff.  OPD training usually takes place remotely, at the Justice Complex in the OPD Training Library or the Conference Center. Training also occurs at the regional and local levels.

OPD Director of Training and Communications Jennifer Sellitti has developed a yearlong curriculum which offers extensive training in all Public Defender case types.  For information on NJOPD training, please contact Ms. Sellitti at

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