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Effective Monday, October 3rd, the New Jersey Office of the Public Defender (OPD) will require all Experts to generate their billing through our new automated Expert Timekeeping System, or ETS

The Expert Timekeeping System provides a structured billing platform in which all experts will be required to enter the time and/or services for each OPD case that has been assigned to an expert.   Upon completion of services, the expert will then generate a State of New Jersey Payment Voucher and Case Timesheet through the ETS and submit that billing to the OPD office requesting services for payment processing.  

The OPD’s Expert Timekeeping System is easily accessed on the internet by using the “MyNewJersey” portal on the State of New Jersey’s website at: and then by clicking on the “Login” box located at the top-left of the page. If an expert already has a MyNewJersey account established, you will login as usual, and then by selecting the Expert Timekeeping System link at the bottom left of your MyNewJersey page. The OPD will provide experts with a separate Login ID and Password for the ETS. If an expert does not currently have a MyNewJersey Login ID and Password, that expert will be required to register before using your ETS Login and Password for the Expert Timekeeping System.

Please refer to the following documents:

Notice to Experts regarding the implementation of the ETS - Click here to download

Experts Setup to enable access to the ETS - Click here to download

Experts Timekeeping System Manual containing complete instructions for using ETS - Click here to download

If you experience difficulty opening these PDF documents, you should update your Adobe Reader at

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