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Permits for Community-Based Deer Management Require 120-Day Review

June 26, 2003

The Department of Environmental Protection's (DEP) Division of Fish and Wildlife reminds airport operators, municipalities and county boards of agriculture that they must submit applications for Community-Based Deer Management (CBDM) at least 120 days prior to the proposed date of implementation.

The 120-day review period is the result of changes in last year's Game Code to better accommodate the volume of applications, each of which requires an intensive evaluation process.

New Jersey's Community-Based Deer Management Program was created in 1995 to provide local governments, airports and county agriculture boards with means to control deer populations when traditional deer hunting is insufficient. Alternate control methods that may be permitted under a CBDM permit include trap and transfer, trap and euthanize, chemical fertility control and the use of non-traditional hunting methods to control deer. Under a CBDM permit, deer may be controlled outside of the regular deer hunting season dates.

The DEP must grant permission prior to implementing any of the alternate control methods. DEP biologists will work with the applicant to develop a program to control the deer population that is both acceptable to the local community and the state.

CBDM applications are first reviewed for compliance with state statutes and regulations. The Fish and Game Council then approves or denies the permit, or recommends changes.

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