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New Jersey’s state parks and forests are wide and wondrous places to explore – but even the most experienced outdoor enthusiasts can get into trouble if they’re not prepared. Whether you’re planning a hike or camping out under the stars, taking the steps to prepare yourself before you visit is a good idea and will make your experience more enjoyable.

The NJ State Park Police play a key role in assisting citizens during public safety emergencies as well as environmental emergencies. Through various methods of patrol they provide courteous, professional, knowledgeable assistance and services to the public at all times.

To report an emergency or any suspicious activity in the state parks 24 hours a day, contact the NJ State Park Police at 1-877-927-6337.

New Jersey State Park Rules & Regulations

Safety Tips and Links:


Park and Trail Safety Tips

  • Tell family and friends where you will be traveling and when you should be back.Hiking in the woods
  • Know your location at all times (Cross streets, mile markers, land marks, etc.).
  • Carry a cell phone if you own one.
  • Report an emergency or any suspicious activity in the state parks to the Park Police 24 hours a day: 1-877-927-6337).
  • Stay alert and be observant about your surroundings.
  • Avoid areas where visibility is poor.
  • Avoid unfamiliar areas.
  • Carry a whistle or other type of noisemaker.
  • Walk or jog with a partner, if at all possible. Remember to carry identification and pertinent medical information.
  • Dress for the environment. Temperature extremes can be experienced and you should dress in layers. Dress appropriately for the location, time of year and planned activities. Apply sunscreen if needed.
  • Drink plenty of water prior to and during your outdoor activities.
  • Do not wear headphones.
  • Stay to the right on the trail. Only walk the designated trails or paths.
  • If riding a bicycle, wear a helmet.
  • Maintain a safe speed while riding on the trails.
  • Let walkers or joggers know that you are passing on their left.
  • Don't stop and sit on the trail.

Tips to Prevent Auto Theft and Theft from Vehicles
Here are some simple ways to guard against auto theft and theft from vehicles:

  1. Always lock your vehicle no matter how short your absence.
  2. Park in well-lighted areas that have pedestrian traffic.
  3. Never "hide" keys on your vehicle. They can always be found.
  4. Do not leave wallets, purses or any valuables in plain view.
  5. Remove phone chargers and leave the cigarette lighter in the socket.
  6. Keep the interior of your car empty of possessions.
  7. Never leave change or mail in view.
  8. Consider investing in anti-theft devices such as alarms or ignition-disabling devices. Anti-theft devices do act as deterrents.
  9. Consider using a steering wheel locking device.
  10. Do not leave your car registration or insurance card in the vehicle.
  11. Never leave your car running unattended. Always take your keys with you.

Fire Safety: Outdoors and Around Your Home

Every year, the New Jersey Forest Fire Service firefighters respond to more than 1,600 wildfires. These wildfires damage forests and other natural resources, as well as threaten people's lives and improved property. Statistics show that 99% of all wildfires in New Jersey are caused by people, either accidentally or intentionally. Learn more what you can do to be fire wise.

Current Fire Danger and Campfire Restrictions

NJ Division of Fish & Wildlife

For the latest information on New Jersey’s fishing and hunting licenses, regulations and education.

Bear Safety

Black bears are the largest land mammal in the Garden State and live in forested areas throughout northern New Jersey. Here in the most densely populated state in the nation black bears are thriving in close proximity to people. In an effort to reduce those conflicts, the NJ Division of Fish & Wildlife conducts an extensive education program and produces educational and informational materials about living in “bear country."

Boating Safety

NJ State Police Boating Safety Manual

Practice boating safety to reduce the risk of loss of life, injury and property damage associated with the use of the state’s waterways. For more information on Boating Safety Rules & Regulations, Boating Safety Certificates, and the Boating Safety Test-Out Option, visit the NJ State Police Web site.

Weather Information from the National Weather Service for New Jersey

Get the latest forecasts, watches and warnings for New Jersey available by county or city.



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